Stupid idea but would like some advice

So this Berkut I spent WAY too much effort on has now become a stupid project to see how far I can go with my idiocracy in this game. I’m trying to make him counter based (like an idiot). I kinda just saw the reprisal lance and was like, “ok, I’m using that.” Berkut is my only good lance unit, so yeah… I’m stuck now.

Obviously, you’ll want an Atk boon for a oneshot vantage sweeper set. But since that’s a seasonal Berkut, you won’t have much of a chance to change that until much later.

However you can refine Reprisal Lance for attack for 2 more attack.

Vantage is the bread and butter of this set, and you seem to have that already done, so nice. And since you have DC that’ll hit ranged units too.

For a special I’d say Glimmer or Moonbow.
Or even Miracle if you want to trip up anyone with Hardy Bearing.

C Skill I recommend to be Def Smoke.

Seal imo should be Brazen Atk/Def or Brazen Atk/Res.


I lowkey want to give him my spare M!Byleth now for a set like this
Not the weapon though since his prf is good