Stupid NP question

Do buster NPs get a dmg bonus in a buster chain?

NP damage isn’t affected by card order. The chain order only affects overcharge, and normal cards. So let’s say If you start with a buster NP, then that will increase the attack of normal cards, but it will not affect NP cards :fgo_medusalily:

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yeah, that I do know. I wanted to know can a buster chain increase np dmg. Thanks for the reply though.

I thought I already answered to your question :fgo_shiki_confused:

not the order of the cards, but the buster chain, the one with three buster cards in a row.

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Nope the NP damage won’t increase even if you NP buster chain them.


ah, thanks. I definitely could’ve worded the question better

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Here’s the damage formula:

EDIT: As pointed out, NP damage is not affected buster buster chains.

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Ah, thanks

I think so.

If i want to focus on damage, i usually start the chain with a buster card (so that second card gets damage bonus and third card gets an ever bigger damage bonus)

then i do weaker NP followed by the strongest (hopefully also buster) NP

So that the last NP gets the bigger damage bonus from starting the chain with buster and overcharge bonus because of NP chain

They don’t tho?


  • firstCardBonus = {0.5 if first card is a Buster card, 0 otherwise. No bonus to NPs}

I guess you learn new things everyday :fgo_gudako:

Thanks @jakeyb for correcting me!! :fgo_ereshwoah:

Now I understand why Arjuna suffers from not being able to NPBB chain


Buster chain mod is the final part of the formula.

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Yeah. You’re effectively lowering your NP damage as well when you design a servant like that. :confused:

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I’m sorry, bear with me a bit. Are you guys talking about boosting damage of facecards or the NP itself?
If the latter, why would you ever not BBNP?

**the page you linked as well says NP damage isn’t affected by chain bonusses

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Where does it say that? I see it says NP damage isn’t affected by card order but there’s no such note about buster chains.

Never BBNP. NPs are always treated as the first card in the chain. BBNP just screws over the damage of your facecards.

Gamepress says this on their game mechanics page.


Oh yeah, it looks like Gamepress mentioned this too

So NPs gain a bonus when you buster brave chain for buster NPs? Others are all not affected? Is that it?