Stupid NP question

Yeah, it looks like I was wrong here too.

Lemme find an updated/more clear damage formula and edit those earlier posts.


If NPBB did more damage we’d have the option in the damage calculator :feh_claudetea:


Hm, do clarify it then, I was under the assumption nothing affects nps.

What is the truth Jake? :fgo_insane:


Yeah I was wondering that in the back of my mind

But I always thought the buster chain affected the servant’s base attack value, not the card damage specifically

Like it was a pre-damage calc


I’m gonna go with Gamepress on this one haha

This is something @Trubothedwarf would know at the drop of a hat

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Nah it’s a calc per facecard, it’s to keep it exempt from NPs. Buster NPs will never outdamage Quick and Arts via chain alone


I’m sorry you actually were right

Please forgive me :bowing_man:t2:‍♂


Good to know that my life actually isn’t a lie :fgo_ishtar_eagerfool:


Yeah, I see that now

But here’s from Reddit

  • Chain bonus - NPs are effected by chain bonuses. So a buster NP will have its damage increased by a buster chain, arts NP will charge NP bar before the NP goes out, and quick NP will generate the extra stars. However I have been informed that the buster chain bonus on NP damage is a flat 20% of base attack (base meaning before all bonuses and modifiers, I believe this does exclude stuff like madness enhancement or divinity or buster damage up CEs). This means that the bonus damage from Buster NP chain is actually rather small.

So I am now also confused. I want to just say that Reddit is wrong, though.

(That is also exactly what I had originally thought.)


I thought that everybody knew that any chain action doesn’t effect NP damage itself, only skills and CE effects do. So even if you would do NPBB (with buster NP) it would get any more beef if it would be NPAQ, only cards that are before/after NP would get that NP cards effect.

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Don’t worry it happens, I was kinda stumped too and that made me research things properly :sweat_smile:

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I’m pretty sure Reddit just thinks that if NPAA makes charge and NQQ makes stars, then NPBB increases damage. Which it does, just not for the NP


Only that part is true for every Arts and Quick chain, buster chain however doesn’t increase damage dealt

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Yeah exactly

Here’s what the dataminer said in the Beast’s Lair post I linked

Ok, I checked. I didn’t notice at first 'cause it was a side effect of how the system works (namely, the NP damage function calls the normal damage function with an ‘empty’ card which makes a bunch of lookups and calculations fail and default to 1 or 0) rather than an explicit effect.
But yes.
cardDamageValue, cardMod both default to 1 and no Buster Chain bonus either.
NPs can never critical, either (although this much is obvious since they don’t get stars).

There we go. Case closed :fgo_elementarymydear:

I do think it’s weird that Arts and Quick chains are kosher but Buster chains aren’t, but I guess Buster chains are the only ones that directly affect combat, so makes sense.


What better way to kick off June in 2020, than an existential crisis? :fgo_gudako:


If you have a B NP in a B chain, the damage boost is supposed to also affect the NP, but from my personal experience, the difference is completely negligible and well within the realm or RNG.

In CQ like Siegfried CQ in nerofest tells you otherwise.