Sturdy Impact Laegjarn

So I got a -Atk +Def Tibarn and kind of want to fodder him for sturdy impact. I don’t really know who to though. I’m thinking of regular laegjarn (+Spd -Res). Are their any other units who can use Sturdy Impact well?




Well,well,well,what have we got here?

This is a very high-investment on Laegjarn,but it certainly is very good on her.I run it myself but that’s also 'cause she’s +10 and all.

She excels at player phase,so it’s naturally an amazing skill on her.

I use Galeforce to take advantage of her attack which can reach pretty high,but you could couple this with her own PRF,Heavy Blade to release heavy damage Bonfires.

In fact,here’s other builds with this in mind:


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You’re joking me, you’ve gotta be.


I may not have given my Sturdy Impact cause Brave Micaiah wanted the Impact :fgo_astolfo:

But I did give her a new toy recently to cope with a very disappointing off focus summon while going for Catria.

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Anybody who wants more DEF on initiation and/or to negate followups when they do. Slow bruisers like Beruka or Gerome, for example, can use it for an offense build; though I’ve seen it in squishy mages like B!Micaiah.

I use it on Edelgard, personally. I have others who want it, but I only had the one fodder.


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um…good for you…?



Laegjarn is a good unit, but she’s fast especially with +Spd, so she probably isn’t gaining as much from Sturdy Impact. Are there any other (inf/flier) units you’re thinking of investing in?

In my opinion, Flora is the strongest choice for Sturdy Impact aside from Tibarn himself due to it having immense synergy with Hoarfrost Knife and her low Speed. While her role is slightly niche, she eviscerates any DC unit with it with little risk to herself.


Can confirm that it works pretty well on B!Micaiah. I gave it to her on my f2p account and she’s done great with it.

Haha damn you’ve sold me

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Yea I’d love to give it to her if I had one

Actually, do you think a plus speed minus res Hilda would be ok with it?

Well, with Hilda’s Freikugel Sturdy Impact could be a bit unnecessary. Especially if Hilda’s +SPD. The main attraction of Impact skills is nullifying followups; but Hilda has so much speed (49 with +SPD and Freikugel) that she does that naturally. While SI wouldn’t exactly be bad on Hilda; she might make better use of something like ATK/DEF Solo or her native A/S Solo instead.

Impact would be better used on somebody notably squishier or markedly slower, imo.


Ah ok thanks

I gave Sturdy Impact to Spring Veronica and have been pretty happy with that. Flying ranged attackers are always going to do well with it.