Sturdy Impact time?

So finally pulled my first Tibarn and left with the predicament of whether he’s worth fodder for my +7 fallen Delthea or the Cherche I keep putting off building. For Delthea it’s a nice boost from Death Blow 3 giving same atk boost but also a sizable def boost incase she meets an archer or Distant Counter

Tibarn is +HP - Spd altho I’m not keeping him anyways

Delthea currently has mystic boost 3 from a spare Eir so already invested in her a bit

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I don’t think that Cherche really needs it. I guess you would be aiming to kill people with one brave hit, so the extra def would be lost. Cherche would much more appreciate Death Blow 4 imo.

Also, since it seems like Delthea is your favorite unit (judging from the amount of merges) you might as well give her sturdy impact, as the extra def will help her against Distant Counter units who aim to kill mages by one-shotting them (which is not really difficult in Delthea’s case). I also think that @Krazytre has a Delthea built-up and merged, so they might be able to share some insight in this regard.


Honestly depends. A +10/+5 Delthea reaches 39 speed, 43 with her tome active.

She’s also reaching 24 defense and 36 resistance, or 28/40 with her tome active.

With Impact, you’re reaching 38 defense on player phase, and that’s before outside buffs. Combo that with Impact’s Follow-up cancelation and you got yourself a pretty well rounded unit.

The issue though is that her end phase is gonna rely on dragons and non Thrasir/Celica mages a lot since Impact is player phase.

She typically has enough speed and bulk to survive for things like Wings of Mercy, so even without a defense boost I can see it working fairly well.


Thanks so much for the advice guys. Looks like I’ll be adding a new fodder to my Delthea project and hopefully I can turn her into a beast of a unit (who’ll still get rekt by distant counter Hector tho lol)

@Guts thank you, I’ve lurked for a while and took the plunge and joined up ^^

@Krazytre uhm what do you mean by the end phase part and dragons? only bit I’m slightly confused on


Sturdy Impact grants +10 defense, but only on player phase. A +10/+5 Delthea is reaching 28 defense with just her tome active on enemy phase. With her A slot taken for a player phase skill you’re left with her C slot (for things like Waves, Rouses, etc) and her Seal (for things like Close/Distant Def, Swift/Steady Stance, etc).

Mystic Boost pretty much takes care of dragons since they attack her resistance, but she’ll still struggle with physical attackers.

ahh ok, well I’ll try either darting blow or steady stance for her seal and hopefully that’ll cover her if she doesn’t kill something she won’t be hanging there for an easy kill

Well I’m aiming to finally commit to an AR team, got my Adult Tiki at +8 + res merge just getting sp to give her steady breath (rip Ike) so hopefully Tiki can get Delthea out alive if needs be

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