Success Rate x2, Please clean up my Inventory Onegaishimasu!


So now that the 2x Super/Great Success is upon us, how many of you let out a sigh of relief now that you can finally clean your Inventory, Second Inventory, Present Box of all the CEs and EXP cards that you’ve been hoarding up till now??

  • I made CE bombs. So should have everyone else. I do not see the purpose of this question. Repetitiveness is the Sin of Humanity. You piece of trash Master.
  • Meh. My inventory could take it. I just used the opportunity to dump any trash CEs I no longer needed to make space.
  • WAIT!!! We have a Success Rate x2 right now!?!? I didn’t save up ANYTHING!!!

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I need a 5th option for

I still have enough space to be able to afford waiting for anniversary in a month, with 3x success rate for even better results.

My second archive is full and I got 80 valentine CEs in my gift box (was clever enough to leave them in there!), my inventory is at around 250/300 so I still have space for 50 FP gacha fodder CEs that I can make into bomb building materials as needed.


Who saves EXP? :upside_down_face:


I had a bunch of Valentines CE so those got used to raise my Golden Sumo and I’ve used up every exp card except for the 50 from the 6M campaign store. I think I’ll hoard all of those until the Anniversary so if I’m lucky I’ll have enough to raise a new SSR.

The only thing Astolfo is missing is the Interlude, Caesar has unlocked his rank-up and some of my underleveled Sabers are growing stronger. All in all this day feels productive and the only downside is that my final CE bomb overshot so I will waste 200k exp if I use it to max the Sumo Ce :sweat: .


Definitely not me. :joy:
I still don’t get how people can have the patience to wait so long for raising their Servants. Also I can fill up my inventory in maximum 3 hours, so no point in wasting space.

But I’m also happy to finally use those valentine CEs.


Is it worth it to keep any of the Valentine CEs? Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we get to buy them again next Valentine’s, except Mash’s? Any recommendations?


Its not as though i didnt want to save up, I just have everything planned that I want to make use of from what I already have. I only really plan on adding Skadi, Sherlock Holmes and maybe moriarty if he comes back again not too soon, heh…


None of those really work for me. I spent almost all of my exp on Passionlip and BB, although I knew super success x2 was coming. :sweat_smile:


There’s a 3x success in the anniversary??!

…lord I hope I’m doing these CE bombs correctly otherwise I’m wasting all these CE EXP cards :confused:


Nope, my 2nd archive is pretty dry before this event came :rofl: