“Such Beauty!” Kaden finally +10! (Also potential arena build discussion)

The beautiful fox is now fully merged and ready to go! Kaden has always been a personal favourite of mine for Fates! I loved his positive (and sometimes smug) attitude, and I love his Kitsune form!

Now I just need to sort out his build. The main plan is to use him in arena, but I’m debating which season to put him in.

My Wind Season team is VERY due for a revamp, so I could potentially use him alongside L!Corrin and Riev (who I plan to build soon). I could maybe add a unit who could easily buff him, but I’ll have to think about that.

I could also use him in Fire Season as well, since I haven’t made a team yet and I have a +10 L!Hector lying around that I can use.

Also, this is the build I can make with the fodder I own, but I haven’t finalised the build just yet:

Also as a final note, this was my summoning session for trying to get 5 merges as I already had 6 copies (this took 400ish orbs):


At a glance, get rid of that Heavy Blade

Karen’s Atk is pathetic for Arena. With so many high Atk monsters running around (just did a random Advanced match and found a 60 visible Atk B-Hector and N-Shamir, and that’s not counting their A slots, potential Rally Attacks, or seals), he’s not getting Heavy Blade off on much of anything. Don’t expect him to ever use that special.

I was going to suggest a Ruse (I cannot stress enough how good Ruses are in Arena) but then remembered Karen’s refine has a 2 space Guard effect. The debuffs could still be useful though, as well as for the odd case where Kaden has to eat a hit himself. There’s a lot of Ruptured Sky in Arena – he doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of one

I’d actually suggest one of the Feint seals. With that Trace and his movement, Kaden can easily get in the proper position to debuff and then adjust his position afterwards


Oooo congrats on the +10 Kaden, I like his build, it’s cool :catclap:


Yeah, I’d likely need to use the Ascended boon for Atk and Spd if I wanted to potentially use Heavy Blade. but the Feint Sacred seal is a pretty nice suggestion! I love using Ruse skills as well, so I could use that too.


I run a Ruse/Feint build on my Libra and it’s extremely useful

Libra can contribute a lot even if he doesn’t do much fighting on his own

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Heavy isnt so bad on ur fully invested kaiden. Unbuffed, without allies he is actually secretly strong.

His base 50 is actually 62 I believe do to wepon. Further lowering foes atk by 4 so around 66.

With his debuff/buff c skill its a potential 72 + foe dubuff so around 78.

Skills included hes his atk vs foe is 81. With a good gaurd and an impact hes pretty tanky.

Sadly his bonus double isnt shared with himself. But still. Id say him having a pseudo speacial fighter is pretty good.

Cuz with just a few allies using joint drive you have more than enough to make ur fox murder.

As someone who uses a low atk brave, I believe in your fat atk stacks

Asend him for more death I guess.


Except pretty much all the best units in Arena also get +5 spectrum (or debuff a foe’s Atk by like 5 or 6), aren’t locked to a Duel skill A slot and thus can run a slot that makes Atk even higher, and can also run an Atk increasing seal, whereas running Heavy Blade seal means the buck stops there for Kaden’s Atk (and remember other people are running Rallies/Menaces as well and Lulls are still a thing, even if they aren’t as popular as they used to be). If this weren’t Arena I’d find Heavy Blade more valid, but being forced to run a Duel A slot limits Kaden’s potential with it a lot

My L-Julia gets 86 Atk from just her A slot, seal, and Menace

And then there’s bullshit like Duo Chrom (who Kaden shouldn’t be fighting but he’s fucking everywhere in 760+ matches)


Ye so? Over 80 is more than enough in player control. That chrom your showing methe chrom your showing me has a max of 86 “if” he was running his orginal a slot.

Kaidens max atk without debuffs is 67. Brought down to 64 vs said lull. So overall 59

Chroms is 81 vs said 59 with no dubuffs. Hopless ye?

After said debuffs and lull chroms hits 67 vs 59 is hopeless. So lets even the atk playing field using a “boon”

Kaidens 59 is now 62. Still to far. So my oh my. Thats to small.

But what if. And this is a big if.

We took away chroms solo by atk him when near foe.

He drops to 61.

Well woulda look at that excluding ally support kaiden out does chrom by exactly. 1 dmg.

But i mean. Id rather just. Use a blue unit to kill him but that’s just me.

my maths iffy as fuck btw

Chroms atk an extream btw. 9x outa 10 kaidens atks enough

I mean that’s why I try to do but his stupid To Change Fate makes that easier said than done

Especially when there’s a Duony or R Duel Flying Plumeria right next to him. He is beatable but he’s a fucking pain in the ass

You are right in that how you play is what matters in the but depending on your matchups and the maps things won’t always go the way you want, especially if the map decides to screw you. One time I got matched with a Yuri accompanied by three Pathfinders when my team all has two movement. You can imagine how that went

Or you could get pinned by a L-Fae while a Lynja waits just out of reach behind her ready to kill any of your units

Or you could be a cavalry and not be able to move the way you want because of a trench or forest (I don’t have any high scoring cavalry so this doesn’t apply to me but trenches are frustrating)

I have 14 crowns so I am speaking from experience. T21 Arena is not a friendly place, and in all honesty with how many things either have blinding Spd or block follow ups along with their stupidly high Atk stats, I’m just skeptical about trying to Heavy Blade Galeforce. (I also fully admit I am terrible at reading AI)


Yep. My argument isnt even really surpassing chrom.

But its more alomg the lines that hes so close to it it seems silly to toss out heavy blade. Its rare units are out doing chrom.

Personally i dont like heavy. But thats just cuz i dont like it in gerneral.

Still. Heavy helps in the important blues I assume. How much so? Idk. Imma just trust the user.

(But. OP. Give him an atk boon. Spd meta is pointless to keep up with. Especially with an impact.)


Well if i don’t use Heavy Blade, I could just rock him with a Sword Session Sacred Seal so his player phase is a little better. If I was to run Heavy Blade however, I’d give him an Atk boon (whether I use Trait Fruit or an Ascended Floret I’ve yet to decide). He does have solid speed to keep up some of the fastest units no doubt, but he won’t be outspeeding them, that’s for sure.


He do be a good foxy


Cute fox


Hmm it really depends on what you put on Reiv, as a lot of the support skills you want on Reiv could be used on Kaden to some success. Having sone type of sudden panic would be great and Kaden would appreciate the higher GPA to prevent being panicked himself. If Reiv will take this role, what you have right now should be good. Just make sure Kaden has a good way of buffing all of his stats.

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Yeah, Kaden definitely needs some extra buffing options than just the Rally Skills. Of course there is the Menace Skills which are pretty darn solid, but I’ve also thought about maybe using Joint Hone Skills as well to up the consistency. Sadly Cavalry units can’t use Oath Skills, and they would’ve been awesome for him.

If I used Kaden in fire season, L!Hector would be really useful to provide buffs in Def/Res. Team building gets a bit tricky at that point however. I’ll likely put him into Wind Season, but I’ll need to think carefully on either using Riev, or using another Beast/Dragon for my third main unit.