"Such splendid fireworks" (Co-Op Extreme F2P Chairza)

Well, we are back with another Extreme difficulty battle, been a while since I done this because of one main reason, being lazy per- I-I mean being busy…
Also the past couple have been super easy with the bosses posing no real threat and just using the battle tag characters. Part of this is likely because people complained that the HARDEST DIFFICULTY was too hard… seriously it got to the point that the lower difficulty was harder…

Anyway, enough complaining time to look at Chairza (Frieza in a chair), who with every return seems to bring back the difficulty of this mode.

| Characters |

Due to how Battle Bonus works in this mode, it’s basically required to bring a unit with one of these bonuses, preferably the character specific ones. However since only the new Bardock has this, the options are a bit more limited… kinda.

| LL Yel Bardock |

Simply due to the fact that he is a new unit, has two battle tags and his abilities really help for a drawn out fight with healing, damage reduction and damage increase. The only downside is that you don’t get any of his bonuses for defeated battle members… since it’s just you, so no endurance. If you have him, just use him and go at it, not much else to say.

| SP Red Bardock |

Right, so this is a interesting choice, I feel like people will instantly say no since he is a unit that only improves with defeated allies. He also can’t take too many hits and his greatest boost of transforming is locked away, so he can’t be any good… right? Wrong! … Kinda…

At low stars, yes he isn’t that good. But at the minimum of 7 stars, he is usable. And since you can get him to 7 stars for free with the Saiyan special mission, it’s pretty easy to do so. His damage is good and can at least take a full combo (a good partner should try to cover you so you don’t receive the full brunt… but it can happen), and when he does transform (which is very likely in this battle), his damage sky rockets, he can also heal from strike cards, so he can stay in the fight a bit longer with some skill.
Some people will say a certain other character is better… so lets look at them now.

| Zenkai Blu SSJ Bardock |

This Bardock… is about the same as base form red Bardock constantly.
Yes he has a Zenkai for a buff but… thats all he has. His abilties essentially don’t exist since they all require a team to actually apply. His only boost apply after 50 timer counts have passed… and it’s not that great, a small damage buff and slight health restore increase. Only good thing is the draw speed.
Compared to Red Bardocks transformation at 50 timer counts… it’s no contest.
Even the healing from their green card is overall less then what Bardock can get from the number of strike cards he has (Granted this Bardock gets it instantly… but red Bardock gets more total).
The only overall better thing he has is faster draw speed and slightly better total defence.

| EX Units |

Since EX Units have a very large extra boost, they are bit more viable here, however you should still stick to the Team Bardock EX units for this to get the most out of it. While I do not have all units, I will briefly touch on them.
Also… DO NOT use Pur Tora, Yel Bardock or Red Fasha. Even if you had them at max stars, their damage is at best average but cannot take any hits, even compared to SP Red Bardock.

| EX Grn Borgos |

Even though kinda useable, Borgos is one of the worst EX units to use in this. He doesn’t any meaningful buffs and cannot really take any hits. The only ability that he can trigger is his cover change which gives him 40% damage reduction until a combo ends.
He can buff his strike damage briefly with his Green and Blue cards, plus his main ability with a healing effect (that is just the same as Zenkai Bardock’s Green card). But he is completely useless otherwise, my test fight with him resulted in barely scraping by.

| EX Blu Fasha |

I don’t have her or have been paired with her… so this is based on her abilities. Her two biggest buffs for damage and damage reduction only apply for the first 15 timer counts, she does get a buff for vanishing and her Green card, however they aren’t spectacular (especially since things like paralyse don’t apply to bosses). She can heal with her main ability which is a nice plus. Overall with her stats, she isn’t a bad unit, just not as great in this mode.

| EX Yel Shugesh |

Arguably… he is better then Red and Blu SP Bardocks. He has tempoary strike damage buff when battle starts, which is the weakest part of him. His main ability gives him a 40% damage increase for 30 timer counts and reduces the next combo damage by 70%, he also buffs his special move damage up to three times when hit, and his green card is a 30 timer strike damage increase.
His main appeal however is his high damage Blue card and being able to take hits surprisingly well.
The lack of healing is his main draw back, meaning you need a good ally to make sure you don’t go down.

| EX Grn Tora |

Don’t have, but have been paired with. He is the best EX unit to use for this mode. Has the same starting buffs as Fasha, but they last most of the match (damage the entire match and 40% damage reduction for 50 timer counts). His main ability is major strike buff and his green enhances his next strike card. Cover change gives him a 20% damage reduction for a combo and nullfies unfavorable elements briefly (which should apply to this boss) so you take very little damage.
If you have him but not LL Bardock, then use him.

| Quick notes on team building |

Something I have recieved a comment about is that the ability bonus isn’t as good as the Power Level bonus since it seems to increase your base stats, while the base stat increase I believe is true, having almost no ability Bonus is not a good idea.

To give an example, my SP Bardock with 900% ability bonus and around 380% power level bonus could take more more hits then a 360% ability bonus and 440% Power Level bonus Bardock (their limit break was the exact same).
So when building your characters, make sure you use units with compatible Z-Abilities, otherwise you’ll be struggling a lot more.

Next, I reccommend you have at least 1 unit that can boost their max health. That slight health boost can make all the difference in a fight, espcially since Special Moves (which this enemy does a lot) can not be reduced by units.

| Fighting Frieza |

Okay, so their are some really important things to consider when fighting in Co-Op. And these are the more basic things that some people don’t even consider, partly because for a while, Co-op mode was just super easy (when Extreme first came out, you could see the poor display of skill by players). Since Extreme has been so easy for a bit now, people no longer consider some of these core mechanics that can really help make it so much easier.

-Cover Change-

One of the most useful mechanics as it can essentially end an entire combo in a second, while also building up your link so that you receive buffs when breaking the bosses shield.
Simply doing this makes a fight a lot more easier since it allows both members to stay as healthy as possible (since you can vanish if you do the cover change right after your buddy is hit).

-Tap Combo-

This is something you can see done in high ranks of PvP, and in this mode it’s extremely useful.
The tap Combo (tapping when right in front of the enemy) is a three hit attack which essentially lasts the amount of time it takes to use three cards. This is important since it gives your buddy time to do things while you do this three tap combo. From charging Ki to get cards, to recovering from an enemy combo (extremely useful if you don’t have cover change ready).
The reason I bring this up is because of something that happens a lot that people should try to avoid.

-Card Spam-

A lot of people pre-select cards for a combo attack in order to get the most out of it… don’t do this there are multiple reasons.
First, if the enemy vanishes, you will have less chance to avoid them since you will still be performing the attacks.
Second, the enemy can sometimes vanish in between two strike cards, if this happens… same as first point.
Third, if the enemy is attacking your buddy, most of the time you can’t help them since the boss can attack in-between your two attacks (it’s possible for them to even combo a blue card into another blue card).
Finally, it can cause your buddy to not land attacks, spamming strikes on the boss without shield causes any attack that dashes to the enemy to be unable to hit, and causes them to briefly freeze before being able to act. If you tried to RR at this moment, your buddy would be unable to trigger theirs.

-Blast Armour-
Frieza has blast armour, so be extra careful when using blast cards, kinda obvious why, but if your buddy gets hit and you are using blasts, you will have even less chance to save them.

A mechanic that was introduced later and something people very rarely use. Now the taunt doesn’t always draw enough agro, but it has an extremely useful feature that you should use, even if you are being targeted already. It increases your damage sustained, so you can take more hits.
The best use in my opinion is just before the bosses shield recharges, if your being targeted or if the target is switched to you, your guaranteed to take less damage over all. It’s a great tool that no one seems to use.

| Personal thoughts on the whole Extreme Co-Op |

And… thats it… there’s not too much to say really, just play smart and use the right units. I was honestly orginally not going to make this since… well theres very little I could talk about the boss in particular. However since it’s the return of a hard boss and I have seen either people building their character badly or not using certain mechanics of this mode, I felt like I needed to at least post something again… so here it is.

Depending on what comes next, their may even be another one. But now… I wan’t to give my overall thoughts of the mode extreme Co-Op, like I did around 6 months ago.

First… don’t go complaining that these modes are “Too Hard” and “Not fair for beginners”. Because that is the whole point of this mode, to be a challenge, I honestly feel like some people forget or don’t know what Co-Op used to be like.

There was no Battle tags originally, so only colour advantage, also no dual rising rush so fights were even longer. Ever since battle tags the mode became super easy.
When extreme first came out, the difficulty was insane, very few people could clear it, let alone consistantly. And with each update, changes was made to balance it out so it was more fair.
Not only that, but players actually were adapting to this difficulty, at first it was just charge at it until it’s dead. But then, people began using the games mechanics that so many people forgot about and never used, like cover change, taunts, tap attacks. These neglected features were used and complete strangers could work extremely well together as teammates.

I personally feel the main problem is that people want it to be extreme for everyone but the battle tag character where it’s easy mode and a free win… the exact opposite of an extreme difficulty. People don’t want a challenge, they want easy grinding to get tons of Medals and CC with little effort… which is what the lower difficulties is for.

Luckily I haven’t see a ton of complaints about the mode, but if they made a tiny bit harder… I feel like a wave of people will throw complaints just because they can’t grind it with their battle tag character for quick medals.