Sudden Panic B!Lucina

Hi everyone! I used all my orbs in the last Weekly Revival, got 3 more Blucinas… The thing is, Lucina has a really good hp pool, even better than Fallen Corrin, so, I made this after killing a random Gerik:

What I wanted is to increase her potential to buff and debuff, having enough defenses to take a hit or two. My other option was any chill skill, but SD was the only alternative to take advantage from a +HP Blucina (Never got any better boon :feh_elisad:)

Thoughts? :feh_bigbeauty:


I… Like it. :eyes:

She’ll be able to buff and debuff beautifully from the looks of it. I’d just give her Luna instead for a Special, maybe HP/Spd+2 in the A to make it just a bit better for doubling, but that’s just me. Looks great. :feh_bigbeauty:

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I like it a lot actually. Her B slot is really flexible depending on what you need and Sudden Panic works nicely with mythic bonuses.


What was your name again before the censor?

PussySwager :feh_humblecurate: