Sugar went crazy again and wrote a theory of the heroes in FEH being revived again and again based on Madoka Magica

I wrote this on other thread but I like this too much I’m making this a whole thread



More info about how a soul gem works on Madoka, of course with spoilers of that anime

I don’t know about the whole theory but this part here is canon, Anna explains that everytime a hero dies the Breidablik revives them, due to the contract they are bound to us. They can’t return to their worlds until the contract is broken (and to break it they have to bring peace to Askr, which seems impossible at this point) and they can’t even commit suicide because the Breidablik would bring them alive

The Summoner has no personality and so we have a good relationship with literally all the heroes, but if you think about it they’re basically slaves and even death can’t save them. Creepy.


Which is why I want to be nice to any hero

I read madoka in the title and i knew i’d like it <3

FEH story gets creepier very quickly when you think Ashnard coexist with Ena, or Arvis with certain bbq foods, or Edel with Fedel, and so on… and they all are being forced to live and fight together for what could be the eternity if they keep coming back from death and askr keeps the war going (whether they want or not).