Sugar's (pointless) thread of her and her In(Ñ)igo forma and the bullsh*t she faces on the HoF

So since IS gave to our public some “free” formas, one coming from an event and another from the celestial shop thing I have been waiting for use them for character or alt I can’t pull because for one reason or another, when this Sacred Stones HoF came with halloween L’Arachel, I celebrated a ton and I got her from the whale egg, after that, I decided to wait for Awakening’s HoF to use another one
While I didn’t obtained the bunny Chrom I wanted to get all the Chroms, I got another surprise
Performance Inigo
You see, just like bunny Chrom, Inigo shares focus with Azura, so that is too much risk for Someone like me who obtained two stupid summer c aedas instead of Inigo
So, finally, in my hands, one of my fav Awakening children, and probably the one I simp the most

He is still in progress because I have other skills in mind, I wanted to give him plegian torch because it’s a rare weapon even thought for my build is more needed the green fox tome, and I also got atk spd unity without sacrificing a brave Marianne
I still haven’t done the other maps unlike some other HoF

But at the end, this is how I want my Inigo

Ok reemplace Swift Sparrow 3 with unity, and there is it
Come on call me stupid for investing and using a poorly aged unit when I have Triandra who does his job better
Or the fact he is just another duel skill fodder
But still
I love you Inigo
Anyways thank you @_Help_Me for saying me to add plegian torch and your build of him
Let’s see how these two weeks goes






If he’s a favorite then by all means but as someone who uses him on a daily basis he really needs as much investment as possible to get good results.

Also while Tri can do an offensive dancer role better Inigo(And Smol-Zura) can run a few other roles much better despite being older. Both can run a bit more defensively with TA Raven and being infantry allows them to run all sorts of goodies Tri cannot.


Best awakening child :fgo_ereshlove: good taste

Good luck getting the skills you want :feh_faedance:


Hey Sugar! Big respect for building such a unit.

If I may help, I can add some personal opinions on Inigo:

Based on his ranking by stats, all of them are super low, specially his ATK and RES. Based on this I would invest into his mediocre SPD mostly for survival.

As he should not see much combat (at least where he survives or does anything significant) I would choose a defensive/supportive build BUT I can see you want him to battle and help your team so this is my build proposal for you and why:

Plegian Torch, as the amazing @_Help_Me said is his best weapon
He has low ATK so Blue Flame would be his best premium special.

Now the build is a win/win situation where if you get Atk/Def debuff it’s nullified by the unity. You also cancel your enemy’s buffs with the lull AND you inmensely benefit with the menace skill.

Just don’t throw him in front of any kind of magic damage and you should be fine. :feh_bigbeauty:


Always build your favourites, no matter how old they may be. Good luck with the skills.


So which B slot should I give her… NFU or Lull Spd Res

either way, this was from clearing Floor 25, and Bridal Tharja went Brrrrrr on everything


I’d say Lull to stack with her debuffs

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Effective 74 Spd before Spd Penalty on her… noice tho if I forma her it’ll be lower since she won’t be +10


Since when can we not get dance on our dancers anymore? Are you kidding me HoF? :feh_confused:
Just tried to get dance on Inigo quickly with my first three attempts but no luck. I remember getting it immediately on past dancers.


Day 2
Only need Lull Spd res
And the torch


Day 4: still no Lull but hey I passed two levels


geez, no wonder you’re struggling if you lvl’d only Inigo :D.

tbh you can give inigo first kill and leave the remaining kills to the others units.