Sugarsalt's build brainstorms 2: galeforce repel Lon'qu, Brady's friendship powers, Saleh's build and more

Hello it’s me again, after a lil Birthday break
And I have come here to some builds for my faves
I’m currently doing the Tellius path of the divine toilet paper 2
Here are them
Do I give him galeforce?
I really love him
I could give him flashing blade :fgo_meltbirb:

There is also the thing with Brady, he is another healer that I want to use, but I haven’t planned what to give him, but however, I could see that I could give him valentian Catria’s food, it’s crazy? Yeah but if I could make Forrest and Linhardt speedy, I can make Brady speedy with the power of friendship

Which A should I give to Pent? Appart from duel lol

Do I give Saleh lull atk/spd and Atk Spd solo or do I wait for another lull def spd food? I want to use him but I need to wait for his proper build :catcry:

A cheap B skill for Louise, her other skills looks fine

I would like to know what C would be fine for Annand, she has become one of my favs, sadly that speed bane is horribe, but I still want to use her

And for last, look at this, I have plans for L’Arachel, but for now I don’t have the food, meanwhile, she will get her renewal so the push damage doesn’t get ugly

That is all for this post, thank you all :fgo_meltbirb:


Well, I don’t have ideas for all of them, but I do for a few.

Lon’qu: galeforce is good. Easy to get though, so I wouldn’t sacrifice a TP manual for it unless it has nothing else

L’ara: just lean into the push and give her desperation then

Louise: Also desperation. Amazing budget B skill. I gave it to mine, forgot I gave it to her, and then it saved my ass.

Annand: for fliers reins are indisputably the best C skill. With Annand’s statline and weapon, atk/spd, atk/def, and spd/def rein are all fine. With the impact skill and bane a spd rein would be best.