Suggestion for battle write-up improvements

Thought I’d throw this out there. There are two things that I would really like to see on battle pages because it would make my planning a lot easier:

  • Field effects: a bunch of servants have field-dependent effects: sunlight, forest, water (I think), burning field, etc. It would be nice if the write-ups included whatever field effect there might be (might even have to be on a part-by-part basis…). I don’t think there’s a way to find out conveniently, which probably makes the write-ups hard to do in the first place.
  • Enemy traits: if would be convenient if traits that could be exploitable were listed, e.g. demonic, earth/man/sky (this is one I can never remember because not only don’t I know my own servant’s trait, I don’t know the enemies’ either…–for that matter, I can’t even remember the triangle all that well), divine, etc. Looking each one up every time is a bit tedious, and while I generally reserve this for the harder fights, it might be a bit more important now on more waves, given overkill importance on even easy waves.


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So, here’s a free quest, what’s its battlefield type?

I might presume it’s [Sunny] so Gawain could take advantage of it, but that’s an assumption. I can know what servants get advantages (and usually, I know what my servants have for advantages), so it’s totally not the point to say what servants get an advantage. But at the moment, I don’t know which battlefield types apply to any given battle.

And while I should probably know my own servants’ earth/sky/man traits (the effect has been small enough that I haven’t committed them to memory), knowing what the enemies traits are is important as well. Yes, I can click on each one in a quest, so I label this more as a convenience to not have to do that. Of course, some traits are more obvious than others, but some are finicky (human vs humanoid for example). And an enemy’s earth/sky/man trait is not all that obvious.

So for this second, yes, I’m being somewhat lazy in not just knowing, or clicking on each enemy type in a battle to see its traits. But for the first, I don’t really know how to go about looking up a specific quest’s battlefield type at all.

FGOwiki doesn’t list that for Summer 2 rerun, at that…

Others, it appears to have covered - as an example, the Monday class-node:

It’d definitely be an idea to improve GP’s database that way, show terrain-type of a given quest. Not to mention research event-quests, like the ones above.

Personally I don’t remember attributes very well either, but the general theme seems to be:

  • Sky: demigods, deities, ghosts, daemons, and artificial-based enemies like hands, doors, golems, homunculi, books, dolls, mechs (though there are some exceptions like how some beasts are Sky)
  • Man: regular humans (sorry if that’s a bit vague, this is harder to find a major theme with servants), skeletons, zombies, knights, hassans, nobbus (some clarification, mechanized infantry have people inside, so they count as Man, the metal/mecha nobbus still count as Man, same with the metal skeletons).
  • Earth: knights, beasts, Oni, vampires, artificial lifeform servants (except for Sieg, BB and Mothman, they have Man attribute), Medusa variants (and several other demigod/deities that are exceptions), dragons (this includes dragon tooth warriors), beastmen, chimeras, lamias, giant eyes, spriggans, most animal/monster-like enemies, all the ghouls from Salem, all the yaga and the giants, ifreeta.
  • Star are only a few special servants
  • Only Beast attribute we have is Kiara

I usually use this source to check attributes and traits.

As for the battlefield types, that’s true that within events it’s not very well documented, so you have to guess based on the name and mini icon that you see when taking the free quest and then see if you missed anything based on what you see of the battlefield when in battle.

I guess I’ve never really looked at other sites’ battle info all that much. GP is pretty much a one-stop shop for most everything I need, which is great, frankly. If it could be added, more so the better as the battlefield type is the gimmick/niche for a bunch of servants, and not knowing ahead of time is a missed opportunity to give them a try.

Up until now, this trait advantage triangle has been pretty ignorable to me. About the only time I’ve really paid attention was when I was looking through @jakeyb’s spreadsheets for the events last year, where an advantage/disadvantage nudged some servants up or down in capability.

I was thinking that it might be more important with DSS, as just a little extra/less damage might make the difference is a loop succeeding or breaking, so it could be important for even trash waves.

So, even if the battle write-ups just included this one trait, I think that could be very convenient.

Technically it’s the attribute triangle, using a different word helps separate them from traits because attributes have advantages/disadvantages over others naturally while traits don’t.

Whereabouts are those spreadsheets? Sounds interesting. It would be an interesting exercise to go through the servants and see how many class disadvantaged enemies are also at a disadvantage of attribute or not… :fgo_mordredthink: Something for me to do at some point if it hasn’t already been done.

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Yup, too many terms to sometimes remember the exact ones, but you’re right.

It’s probably the programmer in me that finds the term “attribute” to be more generic than “trait”, which is why I have trouble remembering :slight_smile: