Suggestion for event guides

First things first, I really appreciate the event guides that Gamepress publishes for FGO. There’s just one little thing I’d love to see added to them if possible and it is something that I fumble around with every event.

Specifically, recommendations as to what event CEs are best suited for each support slot (eventually per segment of the event, like summer race or nerofest). The event guides already have lists of which CEs to bring along for each quest and what those CEs do, but they would be even more complete if I could optimize the support CE lineup somewhat with recommendations.
Currently, I play through the quests first to see what they contain on enemies, then put event CEs on the class-advantage characters I’d most likely look for in support list myself. But that is not always the best solution.

Sure, there are CE recommendation charts to be found on Reddit or elsewhere, but not everyone wants to/ knows where/ has a chance to search the bowels of the internet for them, especially when at work.

So that’s that. I personally would appreciate if such a section could be added to future event guides, but no pressure there. The guides are already quite good.


I agree that this would be a good improvement.

I think that these would be a nice addition too. I’ve found these support CE recommendations on videos up until now, but if they were to be added to the guides themselves, that would be a very convenient timesaver.

That’s a great idea.

On the main site there are links “Submit Feedback or Error”. I’ve just used one and sent the url of this topic.

sets up summoning circle with summoning catalyst