Suggestion: section on main FGO site for external resources

We’ve often seen some pretty good external sites/pages/resources in various threads that have very useful information or tools/apps. It can sometimes be hard to find once you are no longer active in one, and it seems like it would be very useful, particularly to new players, to have them in one easy to find place. I suppose there could be debate about what merits inclusion, but I think the usefulness outweighs this.

True, I’m constantly re-linking stuff like the Event Compendium and FGO Manager, and created a couple of dedicated threads to them ( Most Useful Tools for FGO: FGO Manager, the Compendium, and others , 1/2 AP Event Compendium Expansion ), bu inevitably the threads sink into the abyss of Ereshkigal’s underworld over time. I feel it’s in bad taste to bump my own threads, heh.

I’m sure other people have their own tools and sites they would like to recommend as well.