Suggestions for command codes?

Hi, I have a question, what is the best command codes to give to: Martha (Ruler), Chloe, Altera and Gilgamesh (Archer).


Saber or Archer? Either way mostly crit ones.

They both have star absorption and sources but neither of them has big crit buffs.

Crit for Gilgamesh, Star Absorption/crit for Chloe.

Both make stars already and Gil can collect them bur has no big crit buffs while Chloe has the opposite issue.

Really depends on wether she is a last stand or main attacker.

For more details, you might want to go here:


Give altera crit ones
Give martha trait damage advantages she already has + anti-servant one. You can also give her quicks utiliy ones like debuff removal just incase enemy debuff before your heal

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[quote=“LFVBF, post:2, topic:108229”]
Saber or Archer? Either way mostly crit ones.
[/quote] I mean Attila the Hun ^^

Can you tell exactly what command codes to use for each card?^^

Ok i will read dat :3 thanks ^^

So on B cards give her anti divine?

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Again, there is a Saber and an Archer version.

Not an expert nor is this the most optimal but a good one would be:

Gil: Mistress of Heavens (Buster) - Blades of Niten Doraku (Buster) - Aurora Borealis (Arts) - Magus of Flowers (Arts) - Crest of Humanity (Quick).

For Chloe RN I’m not sure. I once again recommend you go to the other thread.

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I have these currently on my Gil

Though I will swap the star gather one on his buster to the Ishtar CE from this event when I’ve gotten it

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Oh sorry i forgot the Santa version xd

Ok thanks a lot :3