Suggestions/Requests for the Directory?

Hi everyone, I’ve been working a bit on the directory and it has gained in the last few days a number of links which previously weren’t there. I’m aware that there’s a lot it doesn’t cover (ex: there’s no guide to unit building in general and I don’t remember too much about AR offense), but it’s probably because I haven’t seen a post on the forum which is worth “pinning” as reference material.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows of stuff they think should be on it or has requests for topics that they want covered, and I can search a little to see if there has been discussion or questions.

For your convenience, a link to the directory: Directory / Index for Information

I might not be able to do all the digging in the next few days but I do intend to get to it over the next week or so.


Nice, I’ve been thinking about a few ideas, particularly I’d like to show how I handle various FEH accounts on the same device, reroll, etc. (for rooted Android devices), if the idea is of interest I’d like to make the post as a contribution to the directory (however I can’t now because I need to get on my PC and on these days can’t), also this:

Yes probably we can work on this part if there’s no topic

Other suggestions:

  • Understanding of synergy: how to know which skills work best with a unit’s stats/weapon/other skills
  • Guide to understand better skill functionality: for example the ones that run stat checks
  • List of budget skills: it can have a list of skills obtainable at 4★ along with the units that have it.

These are the ideas I could come up with as of now, if they can be useful I’d be happy to get working on one or two :+1:t2:


That does sound interesting, handling multiple accounts on the same device. My intention wasn’t to request guides or anything but if you were interested in writing about it anyways, I’ll link it.

The other ideas you had I was actually thinking of writing about myself, but I was also thinking of starting my own small site or resource on a casual basis which is why I haven’t already written any of it here.

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Hmm, I see, don’t worry if I can contribute in anything I’d be happy to help so I’ll write the guide asap I get back from vacation (either this Monday or Tuesday) :birbpeek:.

Oh nice, maybe we can work on these?, I have some knowledge with HTML and CSS, not expert level but I hope it can be useful, I can help on that if you like