Summer 2018 Q&A Quickfire

Please use this thread if noticed any errors in the guides on the site, or if you have any feedback/questions regarding Summer Part 1.

It’s quite easy to overlook some aspects after all, and we’re only here to help you clear this event efficiently.


I’m thinking ahead here, but might as well ask.
Will part 2 have golden Fous in its shop as well?

Yes, 3/3 as well, if I recall correctly.

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So I got the coin thing for Mash’s costume but where do I go to get it? Unless I’m blind I don’t see anything in Da’Vinci’s shop.

At the very bottom of the Da Vinci Workshop screen

Not trying to be rude but are ya sure about that?

Now, this is a welcome surprise.

I thought the event would start today at 21:00 hours, which would have meant I’d still have another… 19 hours to wait.

Fortunately, it appears I misjudged. The event does end at 21:00 (on the 28th) but it began today at 0:00.

My body is ready!

(Also I’ve stockpiled 100+ gold embers for Bikini Shishou).

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oh, err, it’s the enhancement screen. Whoops, let me update the various event pages for that.

I hope I don’t die because I’m still gonna grind the 1/2 AP Dailies after farming currencies.

I’m going to farm some more experience for all the Servants I recently got - although I think if you lack Event CEs you will have to apple or make some hard decisions.


As much as I hate to leave about 10 + upcoming Golden Apples for Nerofest, I just have to because what matters is the current circumstances. I’ll just worry about it when Nerofest comes. DW is truly evil this way, having dead weeks while having certain events clashing. (sigh) Truly such a bad civilization that I am still living with.

On the walkthrough about where to farm construction mats, it says something like “Beach 3” does that mean I have to do the 3rd difficulty? Or did I miss something?

That’s where the quest link leads. Above the table are instructions; the walkthrough simply wants you to run all available Free Quests once --> Use the table for determining which CEs to bring!

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Will natural AP regen be enough to run all free quests once?

Yes, I believe but not all free quests at the same day. The farming especially needs some apples. Best of luck to hardworking farmers of FGO.

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Hugely depends on Event CEs and if you’re rerunning and if you need Ascensions Pieces. If you’re doing this for the 2nd time, definitely not. If you are doing this for the first time, a few if you want to be done by the time part 2 launches.

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Considering that I finished this event last year and I have around 1 steel and 3 Stone CE’s, would it be better for me to spend the first 4 days doing dailies instead?

I’m worry about not having enough AP so I’ll be focus on clearing the shop first then, apples on low difficulty free quests can wait after.

Will the current event shop disappeared when part 2 came out?

You’d be indirectly appling the dailies then. It’s hard for me to judge, but maybe just insert them in the automatic calculator after detracting the stuff you don’t need, times that by 2 roughly and see where you are at.

Nope, the event lasts for 16+ days - no rush, but people will update their Support list for part 2. That’s less than ideal when you want to farm Part 1.

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