Summer 3 Bugs or Feature?

Two questions on my Summer 3 experience:

First, did anyone else have issues with Summer Jalter not receiving bond exp? No matter what, she always displayed that she was 2240 away from the next bond level. And in the time it took to get her to lvl 3, my Jarcher was bond level 5. Was this somehow related to the story and I just missed it?

The other question is in relation to raid points. I read on the GG guide and several posts that raids were going to give a base of 36K points times a multiplier of points accrued. When I did each of the raid bosses I received 5-10k points per fight. Does this bonus come later? I’m at a little over 2.1 million total points and don’t want to grind anymore than I have to if there is some bonus coming down the line. Was that information wrong, or have I just missed something here?

Regarding Summer Jalter bond, mine was already bond 5 by the time I actually checked, so I don’t know if there is a display issue, but it is not a bug that she takes longer than Jarcher.

Below is Jarcher’s bond required to bond 5:

And below is Summer Jalter:

Regarding the event points from raids, I believe 36k is the base total for each type from ALL raids combined, not any one raid.


No problems with mine

For the points you probably need to use more event CEs for that specific ladder

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Thanks! I hadn’t thought to look at what her total point requirements were: I just assumed they’d be on par with another 4*. I guess the only bug was the constant display of 2240.

On the second, I guess I just misunderstood the hype on the Raid points. The GG guide has a warning not to over farm before hand because of these bonus points. If the most you can get is 100k points with a 200% bonus added, that seems like a pretty silly and unneeded warning since I’m trying to get to 3m points. 100K hardly seems enough to warrant a mention.

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iirc, the raid drops either 8000 single points or 4000 of all 3 depending on the boss before any bonus comes into play, so just make sure you stack the right CEs

It is 100k for each ladder so that is 10% of your work done very quickly, and also that the best point nodes are unlocked at the same time as the raids

And remember that getting at 800k gives you the 5th copy of the corrisponding CE for even more points

Sure; I suppose I just didn’t understand some of the posts I’d read on it and didn’t put enough CEs on to get the full bonus. Either way, the hype didn’t seem to match the numbers (imo).


Shiki/Void Shiki was the same way. Void Shiki was incredibly easy to get to Bond 5 but Shiki took longer to get to even Bond 3.