Summer 3 Event: Servant Summer Festival 2020

The event runs from 8/3 - 8/22. There’s currently no information on the summoning campaign but it should be pretty safe to assume that we’ll start with the Jeanne, Ibaraki, Ushi Banner and the Robin, Gil, Dantes Banner and then get the BB, Medb, and MHXX Banner a week later.


Lord help me, I cannot contain myself.


Not too excited about a jalter centered event, but i will try to stay positive and open minded.

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I forgot I wasn’t the señor anymore for a sec


I liked you better with the cursed bb pfp

Not until Monday, sounds perfect! Might not have enough internet for playing this weekend so I was really hoping it wouldn’t go live too soon.

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Wow, I totally missed how we had someone named that in my excitement. I played myself.

But yes. :fgo_ereshdistress::fgo_ereshsmile::fgo_ereshdistress:


The fact that this year’s best banner is pushed back by a week really messes with my trigger finger.
Summer jeanne is right on the brink of “good enough to represent a considerable temptation” so I guess I’ll have to forget that the summon tab exists altogether for a week.


The wait is already killing me!


I’m excited for this new event, but I am dying for Gilfest.


So late Sunday night/Early monday morning the event starts!

Then 7 days after that I can roll!


I see that a break isn’t an option, there goes my chance of maxing Skadi before this event or farming as many SQs as possible.


I feel you.

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At least this event shop has 20 steel for skadi

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I am a sucker for summer banners. They have some pretty good servants, and I really like that their personalities tend to be silly and fun. Wallet-kun, prepare yourself!!

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Oh man, there’s no break. I’m so excited but scared for the rolls coming up. :fgo_casgilworry:

If things don’t work out, at least I’ll be able to look at Jalter and Gilgamesh costume with a teary-eyed smile as my consolation prize.

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Hits way too close

20 day long and need to clear 3 ladders. Wow. Event also supplies 50 apples if I remember.
New player like me expected much about Jzerker. She could get top strong NP on gamepressure.
I also can afford 10 rolls on Dantes banner. CasGil has nice dress.

Guess I can get by with throwing some after CE-delivery on BB-day, eh.

I would have preferred a dead week to devote to something else after current rerun, but oh well. Once summer BB is secure with Zaynab, I’ll have all 5-star roll goals secure this year and hopefully enough spares to grab NP2>5 upgrade for summer Maria and NP4>5 for Sheba later

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