Summer 6 Predictions

As August draws ever closer I believe it is time to begin Predictions for the 6th Wave of Summer Servants

Welfare - Sima Yi (Reines) (Archer)

4* - Astraea (Assassin), Passionlip (Rider), Quetzalcoatl (Caster), Ereshkigal (Ruler)

5* - Medusa (Berserker), Artoria Lancer Alter (Avenger)

Men getting costumes:

3* - Bedivere

4* - Ashwatthama (Hot Wheels)

5* - Ozymandias

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disappointment in the form of no separate male summer servant alts :catpat:


How about yang? They did the same pattern: release a 5* event ce, then release a summer alt of the unit the next year

Then that means Kama too

These aren’t predictions

This is just who I want to see based on the assumption that men in summer are still illegal


Summer Semiramis
Summer Vinci (preferably the OG)
Summer Medea
Summer Sanzang
Summer Drake
Summer Irisviel
Summer Oryou & Ryouma or Avenger Nobu / OG Atalante for the hot girl summer


3 Star - Salieri (He’d probably have a chance if Ana got a summer alt) & I’d also be happy about Cu, which could happen anyway bc of his popularity

4 Star - Kiritsugu could happen if Iri ever got an alt

5 Star - Hijikata, which I could see if any of the GG characters got a summer alt.


Most of those don’t surprise me at all

As for my prediction, I do think Sei has a good chance because she was on the four star CE

And so far, the girl on the 4 Star CE has always gotten in

Summer 1

Summer 2

Summer 3

Summer 4


I want summer Okitan, summer Kagetora and Dioscuri.
And for dudes i want Romulus-Quirinus, Bedivere and Tsuna

Sei would be great, summer memes incoming

Summer 5 was the first one without a saberface :fgo_seibathink:

Idk probably will be at least one this year :feh_fayeshrug:

Summer… Lalter? Who knows

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No sanzang tho

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Jeanne was the focus of the pic

1 girl from the 4 Star CEs has made it in every following summer


Summer Astolfo or Deon, golden opportunity to come out of their comfort zones and make some male summer servants.

But based on how their revenue is doing and how summer brings the most money, I’m assuming their going to be very picky and most likely play it safe for summer 6.
This is a chart of sales per servant:


Lol demon king Nobu beat everyone since her release besides summer Four.


The anni servant was also there too

So the fact that she got so high on her own says a lot :fgo_nobutea:

Time to join the 21st century and stop exclusively pushing the bikini babe summer model. It’s an old topic, but other games and other media have shown that customers appreciate variety. You don’t have to want to bone the artwork to find it cool or appealing.

I predict the first male summer Servant, but only one. JP finally got a male Santa, and male costumes have been a thing for a while, so I think this will be the year they try something different…along with the expected ladies and lolis.

Astolfo and D’Eon are great characters, but I hope we don’t start with a male or ambiguously gendered Servant in a frilly, feminine frock. That look is just more of the same.


@Rationale and I were talking about this, and maybe thinking that this summer will be when it happens. Rationale said that they might have been trying to test reception with Santa Karna and Douman’s FA before giving it a go, which I think makes sense.

If they do, then I could see a popularity powerhouse like Ozymandias (I love Cu but he has 4 versions so that’s enough rn) or Summer “Oryou” when it’s actually Ryouma


The sheer novelty would guarantee some rolls as long as they didn’t completely mess up the Servant design or kit.

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The irony of AA selling poorly and space ishtar doing even worse


Summer herc

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