Summer 6 Predictions

If anything, having novelty might guarantee more rolls

The people that always want to roll for Waifu reasons will probably do it for the other 5 girls there anyway, regardless of who the sixth was going to be - Especially if it’s not the most popular pick like Anne & Mary. Having someone like Ozy there would attract another crowd because he’d be such a different option

I’m really equal when it comes to enjoying girl and guy characters, so it’d be refreshing to see something new.


Summer napoleon would sell like hotcakes



I suspect that AA didn’t do amazing at first because Arjuna reasons.

Space Ishtar doing poorly reflects more on her looking like a novelty character on release and on her being yet another Rin.

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Thought arjuna was popular on jp though

Not entirely sure, but he’s not known for being a likable or very effective Archer anywhere, I think.

I love his animations, but even I barely use him.

That’s a pretty steep decline in revenue in the last two years for JP. Kama and Sima Yi banners brought in more than Castoria or Murasama. Considering how overpowered both of those are, as well as how anticipated Murasama was, it is not a good sign for long term. Not “oh no, the sky is falling, they’ll pull the plug”, I am sure it’s still making a ton of money, but concerning.

Regarding summer servants, I am expecting Kama with some strange class like Moon Cancer or Alter Ego.


I’ve heard it was because of the dead month between case files and lb4 causing a lot of people to tune out and because of “summer syndrome” where everyone is trying to hoard quartz for summer.

Space Ishtar suffered from post-summer syndrome and she was just an ok servant on release


When did Genshin launch? I suspect FGO takes a hit whenever a new hot game comes around.

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Saber Wars 2 and Space Ishtar also ended up replacing the Halloween event that year so players were a bit salty about the lack of Halloween and Halloween welfare.


Except d’Eon doesn’t dress like a girl because it’s cute like a certain Astolfo does, she does it because she’s got Breasts, Astolfo is 100% Male while d’Eon is neither, I just refer to them as Female because they look more Female than Male to me

Anyways moving on

Astolfo and other Characters who are “Gender neutral” are likely to get Swimsuits but also not

Okay but Ivan doing better than Achilles and Ana? Shook

And I’m proud of you, Semi


In the Fall

Around late September, I wanna say.

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I’ve seen enough “manga” to know Deon is male :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Except they aren’t

They’re Androgynous

Even in Real Life they died viewing themselves as a Woman

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I could see the first one - The second one makes a lot of sense on its own ofc, but then look at Nobu’s sales despite being right before Summer and not the best in terms of gameplay

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Because the animations. Guda 4 was hype
Look at the viewcounts on her np demonstrations Jesus, they are in the hundreds of thousands


GudaGuda is the main reason I play this game


I don’t actually have a reason why I play yet

I just do

Yeah and keep in mind, these are sales, not sq spent. Since AA came after a dead month, it’s possible a lot of people got him with free sq and then had nothing left for Demon Nobu hence making them spend so much.