Summer Banner 1. in June / Summer Banner 2. in July -> Predictions / Hopes

Hi guys. :smiley:

Tomorrow we should get the first trailer for the new units, or am i wrong?!

What are your wishes for the 2x Summer Banner in June and July?! :smiley:

My Wishes for June (Duo Unit) (Descending priority)

  1. Kagero as a Duo with ?!

  2. Julia as a Duo with ?!

  3. Velouria as a Duo with ?!

  4. Sothis as a Duo with ?!

My Wishes for July (Harm. Unit)
a male unit that i don’t care. xD so i have not to summon that much, just for 1x copy xD

:beach_umbrella: :man_playing_water_polo: :woman_playing_water_polo:

:melon: :melon: :rofl:


Hopefully nothing I care about unless they are a Grail unit


Honestly? I’ve changed my mind. I hope both banners are an easy skip for me, that way i can pull for Lilina.

With that said, definitely expect some 3H action again, so already looking like a skip just with that.

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In all honestly, some nice easy skips. My orbs have taken a hammering of late. That said, I would be unable to resist options 1, 3 and 4 from your list. Duo Velouria and Selkie would be awesome for me as they’re favourite Fates couple.

My biggest wish, whoever is on the banners, is for at least one woman to not be a stick thin model and look like she could actually swing a weapon with lethal force. That’s a long standing gripe of mine in regards to design of all these warrior women. I’d actually thought about a muscle beach theme with the likes of Dagr, Nott, Minerva, Rinkah, Shiro and Hawkeye.


Since it is almost confirmed that we will 3H I would want to see ashen wolves. Or Ashe. Other then 3H? Pelleas (I mean no surprise here even if Summer is not my favourite choice) and Boyd (since a lot of people want him in the game)


I just hope intern-kum leaks the banner again so that the meme can live on :pray: :pray:


As long as it isn’t Summer Leonie or Shamir, hopefully I’ll be safe. So, anything other than them, I suppose!


For June, I Hope for an easy skip (read: No Atk/Spd Unity), so I can get my last copy of S!Laegjarn.

For July, Atk/Spd Unity is acceptable, but if it came on the New Heroes banner instead (where it’d be sparkable) that would be fantastic!

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Beach is my least favorite seasonal by a mile, so all I ever hope for is this being how TMS gets more characters so FEH can create a banner that I care absolutely nothing about. Three Houses will absolutely be a centerpiece of at least one, but the July banner has a Harmonic, and only Thracia or TMS are left without rep. So I have hope they’ll do TMS here and let me live a life of peace, and not ruin everything by making the first real Thracia seasonals beach alts. I would be devastated.


Hopes: someone like Rinkah
Expectations: more 3H :feh_idunnstare:



Expectations: extreme disappointment in the form of 3H and a 3H duo


Hopes: Summer Ike Duo with Ranulf, Mist or Soren.
No clue for a harmonic, maybe Summer Ike with Summer Caspar?

Expectation: Summer waifu milkwagon as a dissapointment.


I hope for an easy skip, especially after I used a good chunk of my L-Julia stash trying and failing for Pegasus Flight yesterday

I expect more powercreep :feh_morganagrom:


My hope is for Lif or Surtr because if they’re gonna be getting people out of their clothes may as well see some bone or evil. No way it’s happening though.


Barbecue King: Surtr! C’mon IntSys, this would be cool!


Oh yeah!
Pls no Marianne
Pls no Marianne
Pls no Marianne
Pls no Marianne
My orbs can’t take it… :fgo_ereshdistress:


Give me your orbs

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Reminds me of this


Honestly, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they do a Tellius x Fódlan Summer

Gimme an Arthur alt image