Summer BB for Buster Crit?

Arts user here and I’m thinking about building a buster Crit team but I have near 0 experience with it. I was wondering if she would make a good dps. From the looks all her skills would be fantastic for it but she has no real advantage and kind of low attack.

I have enough SQ saved but I’m not sure if I should wait for another dps. Thoughts?


If you’re determined to Buster Crit, you’re better off waiting for a Jalter banner or S-Orion when he comes to NA.

If you love BB, though, of course roll for the Servant you enjoy.

I’d roll for her if I like her that much and maybe not as a DPS but for support.

If she’s gonna be part of a crit team it’d be probably better to swap her in to lock cards of a DPS like Jalter to crit enemies away.

I wouldn’t recommend BBikini as a buster crit point servant, as you generally want high attack with a single-target NP for that. She can be a fantastic plugsuit support option, however, as she can provide several useful benefits on an as-needed basis:

Clear a trash wave
Buy a bit more time with her charge drain
Lock-in your point servant’s brave chain
Provide some passive star generation
Switch-hit on critting when your point servants buffs are on cooldown.

In short, BBikini can do several things competently, but those things aren’t generally relevant at the same time, making her utility highly situational. She isn’t really competitive for the front line.

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Hi OP,

Actually Summer BB isn’t a bad candidate for Buster Crit. She has her 1st skill for the Crit Up and Star Absorb, and her 2nd skill has insane buffs and her 3rd skill come with passive star gen on top of the card fixing.

I think her main issue will be her low-ish attack stat and lack of class advantage damage since Mooncancer is only advantageous against Avengers and Berserkers. Maybe you can use her with Merlin+Hans to ensure constant attack buffs and star flow?

A good AOE buster crit candidate who’ll be having a rate-up banner this year is Gilgamesh during Gilfest. He already has high star weight, star absorb and NP charge gain on top of Enuma Elish being effective against a lot of servant enemies so he can be used outside of his Archer niche.

A good ST buster crit candidate who’ll be having a rate-up banner this year is Quetzalcoatl during Christmas 2020. She has a similar skill set to Gilgamesh on top of insane crit damage due to her native crit damage up which can be stacked with Merlin.

Hope this helps!

She is more of a psuedo support for a buster crit team, or at least that is how I plan on using her. Her first skill is relatively worthless unless you are using her against an Avenger or something. I mean, I guess it could work while you wait for a decent hand, but really, she is there to help someone else.