Summer duels r salt its tempting me to avenge them

Went to reddit to see how many people wanted reinhardt for cyl. (Vote for him btw)

But instead I found many clubbed baby seals. But these people wernt clubbed humanly. They were clubbed by trash. Boring trash

And that is unfair. And thus I feel a bit of a temptation to avenge them.

Somehow. Seeing all this salt… It actually angers me. This mode could have been a shining light. A new hope. A raident dawn yet the teams are opressive in a shit way.

Ive pity them because they clearly used thier good boys and failed. As such I have a need to burn all those who murdered those like myself, all those who clubbed the seals only magic is allowed to club.

I may go on a whale hunt today

Or maybe I’ll just forget about it in an hour. :feh_fayeshrug:


I’m tempted to see more stories of SD-R. I haven’t touched this at all and frankly speaking probably won’t.

I like a good fight, not a clowned one regardless of the outcome.


They got served.
Every F2P with a grain of sense knows you cant fight teams of busted 5 star exclusives at +10 with your F2P units at +0.


True. My ftp are full whale hunters but I still pity them.

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Like what? I don’t think I have ever encountered a PvP mode in gacha games that “shines light” into the game. They are all oppressive and cancerous. FEH is no different.


I was hoping for interesting strategy. I found this dull. I run soly the pp. Because its the strongest. But this mode, i was hoping for intresting strategies to break.

It started that way. I ran to into some amzing teams in favor battles, there was a really damn good nowi I ran into. And a really fast julius. I also had some great all tournament like coluseam battles with argens leif. +

There waz a doble dager team with a canto unit. I loved that one. Lost to it. (Once)

I had a lotta fun. I saw a lotta hope for this mod. I faced whales of all shapes and color.

Then. Eventually… I just ran into the same shit over and over and over and over and over. I learned how to break and dismantle them.

I assumed everyone would do the same and we would have some variety.

But no. Instead we have opression. I overestimated everyone. No ones having fun. And I, after 100+ battles of the same trash teams, am tired to.

Its saddening. And pathetic. And a a true pvp, will remain this way.

Team 1

Erika far saver dancer random

Team 2

Erika far saver dancer random

Can you guess team 3?


Ohh I know this one

Erika far saver dancer random?


Ah. Btw

Lex counters erika

Anyone with a spd stat counters lys

Sigurd or even julius counter Green flyer mage (forget her name)

Far save hecc. Mmm. Tough but use an nfu green or strategize with flash. (Some bravs work as long as there is no deflect magic.)


But how if Erika has effetive damage against cavs, wouldnt that kill Lex?

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No need to guess it. I lived it. You just forgot to add Ash though.

My point is that all PvP modes end up the same. Players copying each other so they can stay on top. AR and arena are like that already. I don’t know who thought SD-R would be different.

Yes, all strategies have counters, but with only 3 loses available, most players won’t even try to find them/use them.


Eirika dies to brave effects as those bypass her DR.


Nope. Hes brave. He takes a swing then murders on retaliation.

Altho id reccamend at least giving him vantage.


Its boring. I havnt touched r because favor battles burned me out.

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I’m just salty because my first human v human duel my opponent disconnected after I had some wifi issues so I got a defeat when imo I would’ve won


If it was me sorry. I forgot to change to skills in my units today. Thought id test the new map lol.

Eitherway. I suppose the modd still fun for friend challenges.


Would you like to have a duel?


Any time. I even wanted a tourney a while back but I fear thatll never come to be.

Dont worry. Im not as scary as I sound. I always lose the first time lol.


Password is rein4cyl if you are interested


Now you know I will be lol. Wana duel a soren now or laterz?


I have some time now but not a lot, maybe in a few hours?