Summer dumbass builds (Sylvain)

Sylvain is in a unique position as a tome user with great speed amd physical bulk but non-existent magical bulk, allowing for fairly unique builds in addition to standard builds like bladetome builds.

A slightly modified Bladetome build, this build gives Sylvain consistent buffs and, by using Lull Atk/Spd, he’s able to take on many DC units that other blademages can’t w/o Desperation.

Designed to be used in AR-D, this is the bane of AR-O colorless tanks like Sothe and Saizo. He’s obviously not the only green mage (or even mage in general) to use a Raventome but he is one of the fastest that doesn’t already have a prf tome. Here, I have Dull Ranged as I don’t have spare Lull Atk/Res fodder but Dull Ranged is good for a budget option. Other options include Ruse skills to set up Sylvain as a rally trap.

Probably not as useful as the other builds, but this Sylvain can take on the physical units present in most Cav Line comps and OHKO the mages in them. When not in AR, this is definitely a more niche build.

This build is a little out there but it really plays to Sylvain’s strengths as a fast mage with great Def. I have Close Counter listed here but if you’re good about keeping units away from fights they shouldn’t be in, then Close Foil would be even better! And now that I think of it, Atk/Def Bond is probably better for the seal slot.

To those who are planning on summoning the summer idiot, how are you planning on building him? What do you think of these builds? There certainly other options for a weapon but I only made builds for fodder I currently have.



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slightly modified i presume?

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Oopsie, fatfingered that one

How the hell did you even get that? Lol.



I am massively intelligent of course.

I totally did not google it and have it autocorrect it nope


Anyways, I’m probably going to do the standard bladetome set if I do get him on free summon/if i decide to summon because the mythic is someone i don’t care for.

And perhaps give him a build with sandwiches!+ to see how he holds it funny like Gunnthra (obviously not a super serious build).


Sylvain with Sandwiches!+ is just him eating his lunch with a refreshing drink.


Thank you for this topic. Now I don’t have to think for myself :feh_claudetea:

A dumbass build for the summer dumbass

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(These next builds aren’t optimal but they could work)


Another Sylvain build: Beachside Breakfast. Thankfully, there are no dragons on the beach to target his Res so we can use Close Foil to extra Atk/Def on enemy phase and heal up 4 HP after every combat. Lull Atk/Spd helps him take plenty of physical hits but the healing Mystic Boost provides could be useful too. However I feel the other effects of Mystic Boost (nullifying adaptive damage and nullifying wrathful staff) are wasted since Sylvain doesn’t want to take on dragons or staff units with his terrible Res.

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