Summer Elise Build

Hey guys, I need a bit of inspiration.
I managed to nearly +10 my Summer Elise on the last banner before my hopes and dreams were crushed by 5 Summer Xander.
Anyway, I am looking for an optimal build for my Summer Elise. I never managed to pull a Helbindi, so I don’t have access to g duel infantry which means she won’t help me reach tier 21 in the arena but I still use her in most other modes.
Currently she’s looking like this and has supports on all of her stats from my team for Gronnblade:

I did pull a second Thrasir and was thinking about giving Flashing Blade 4 to Elise to free up her seal slot but I’m open for all kind of fun ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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Dang, beat me to it.



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This is the build that I use for my S!Elise. I sacrifice a bit of power for the Fortress DEF to give her more survivability against DC users, since the major bulk of her damage comes from her blade tome anyways. I also like having balanced Defenses. Otherwise, Fortress Def/Res wpuld work as well, for those who aren’t as anal about it. I run her with W!Eirika, so she recieves +6ATK and +5 DEF/RES every turn, and +6 SPD when wave actives (hoping for Rouse ATK/SPD). With all her buffs active, that’s +22 damage and a likely double, so she isn’t that upset about missing 3 ATK points for the ability to survive DC units. I also plan to run her with L!wood, if I can get him from this banner, fo an effective 67/54/41/41 statline. She ain’t gonna gove a ■■■■.

Desperation is fairly obvious, methinks.

But yeah, if you need inspiration for an S!Elise, this is my bby and the build I generally use for her. Fast, powerful, high nuking potential even before her Special actives, anf with L!wood doubling her bonuses, a healthy dose of fear of the cute bby.

I have other ideas for her that I may use some other time; but I lack fodder at the moment. Something with Sturdy Impact, perhaps, or a countermagic build with Gronnserpent.

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Well , if your open for suggestions this is for you

I prefer Hitting hard first if youre a Blade tome user , Bcuz sometimes there are enemies that cannot be defeated with a Single shot , thats where Sturdy impact comes in , Chill skills to melt those with Higher Res , and Atk/Res Bond for further Damage… hope this helps

Alright, that my friend is a work of art.
I actually had her on a pretty defensive build before (watch me pulling 4 +HP S!Elise bc that’s how I roll) but not like this and I love it!
The idea of running her with L!Eliwood is disgusting, kudos for that. Which makes me think though; I do have a Nah… Bonus Doubler for her A-skill? Does that stack with Gronnblade? Because that would be nasty

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I’m running Chill Res on my Bridal Ninian which would free up S!Elise B-slot for desperation. I like the idea of Sturdy Impact on her, unfortunately my last Tibarn did go to my +10 Elincia so I’m all out but maybe I should focus more on Elise’ defenses and make her less of a glass canon!

Thats great , good for you

If you want to run her with Bonus Doubler on her A slot , you might as well get a Kaden … for absolute destruction

Bonus Doubler and Gronnblade…yes and no. Yes, in that Bonus Doubler does increase her stats by doubling her visible bonuses in combat, no in that the stat buffs from BD are applied in combat and don’t affect Gronnblade, which only counts visible buffs that are applied outside of combat. So she still getts the added stats, just not on the Gronnblade damage. It’s still a fairly popular A-Slot for units with a Blade PRF like Odin and Tharja, though.

So alternate builds I may use.


Set to counter ranged foes, Gronnserpent gives Elise 30/40 Def/Res on defense, 38/48 with DD4 (and Null Ranged) making her quite a pain to fight at range. With Vantage, she hits firat and debuffa nearbh allies with Smoke.
Fierce Stance is mostly just for some extra punch.

Sturdy Impact

This is more of an initiator build that doesn’t rely on Blade buffa, making her more standalonw and easier to fit into teams. Sturdy Impact balances her defenses at 34 on my initiation and forces the foe out of any doubles (at 40 SPD, that’s not much for her own). Chill Res gives her better damage against high-Res enemies. Heavy Blade plays on the 63 ATK she has when initiating, syncing with 3-charge Draconic Aura to be ready after one combat if she doesn’t double.
Joint Honse SPD is a substitute for Rouse ATK/SPD and Spectral Tome is because there’s a piss-poor lineup of inheritable tomes. Gronnfox would be better, but we don’t have it.

The Countermage sounds like so much fun, i think I’ll give that a try on some maps!

Really, thank you so much! I’m excited to try a few of your ideas on my sweet Elise!

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It would certainly give her a nice niche, with all that antirange bulk.

I’m happy to help. I am the Elise guy of the site, after all. :rofl:
She is my bby.

She is literally the best; I can’t wait to get my hands on my last copy but with my luck until now I will probably just pull more S!Xander (I saved 600 orbs for the last banner and managed to pull her once. I wanted to scream)