Summer errr…Autumn Wars 2021 - Finale! Battle of the Otakus!


Welcome the Finale to Summer Autumn Wars 2021!

I might have lost in the Last round, but never fear! There is no escaping me! You and I will be together FOREVER SEN-PA-I!!! Anyway, lets get this show on the road!

Winner of Battle XI: Mysterious Alter Ego Λ!


Winner of Battle XI: Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)!

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This is it Senpai!

The final battle! The pen-ultimate match to decide who gets this year’s summer crown! Will returning Champion and Manga Otaku Jaltzer reclaim her spot as the top waifu of summer? Or can my figurine obsessed daughter skate a quad lutz for the gold medal!


Now lets meet the finalists!

Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

Representing figurine collectors every where, it is the Sadistic ballerina of the mooncell, Mysterious Alter Ego Λ. Can anything stop this march of the Penguin?

Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)

Float like a Butterfly sting like a Dragon of the Darkness flame! This mangaka is going to make sure the champ remains the same! Let us here it for Jeanne D’Arc Alter (Berserker)!

  • Meltryllis
    Mysterious Alter Ego Λ
  • Jeanne Alter
    Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)

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General Information
  • Polls will last for 1 week and Close on Friday October 29th at 10pm (if I set it up right)

  • Next poll starts right after previous one ends (I hope! Depends on how much free time I have)

  • Matchups have been chosen randomly with this site: Wheel of Names

  • This is NOT a gameplay poll. Choose your vote based on tastes. If a Servant is better or worse in gameplay should not factor in and often doesn’t even make sense in these battles, since they are random.

  • Regarding the pictures/ascensions I use for showcasing the Servants: I was using the pics Fall-Moon had picked out and am now starting to pick my own

  • Keep it faire and sporting!
  • Discuss, Argue, Share Opinions - don’t be toxic!
  • Keep in mind: Not everone likes the same things - Don’t feel offended when someone talks about things they don’t like about your beloved Servants!
  • Spoiling for a fight will lead to a flag - Keep it friendly and respectful!
  • Sharing pictures of your supported Servant is appreciated and expected. But, please, keep them SFW as always - don’t go further than the game itself goes.
  • Always keep in mind: Swimsuit Contest
  • We don’t need trolls here!

Good luck to the contestants and no matter who comes out the victor we will all be the winners!


Damn you BB-Chan you stole my thread!!!


You knew this was going to happen the moment you took over the thread! No-one to blame but yourself!



Damn bugged out AIs ruin everything!


Very exciting match for the finals. Thanks Lost for taking the time to bring this series to closure. Much appreciated. :vulcan_salute:

For this final one, I have given my vote to Melt. In retrospect her Summer persona isn’t as harsh-centric as I had first found it to be, specially in light of the event’s context. More importantly, I think she achieves a good deal of character exposition (“strong because she’s beautiful” nugget of wisdom) and simultaneous story development (foreshadowing to the underlying plot) with her allotted story-time compared to Alter who, although a very relatable and interesting character, we virtually spend the entirety of summer 3 with.

With proportion accounted for I’m convinced Melt achieves more, (also, a slight design appeal for Melt though we all have our preferences). :fgo_penguinmelt:

That’s my judgment. But best of luck to both parties — y’all decide this finale.


I mean I’m gonna vote for melt but let’s be real here we all can guess who’s winning


I don’t want to be another meihousou voter but… Summer Jalter gets a lot more exposition and is a fun tsundere chuunibyou.

Melt is fine, she acts in line with her profile entries and Extra/CCC self although there is some contention about how she’s reversed her Seraph development a bit.

I don’t have Servant Melt so I don’t know if Chaldea’s Melt remembers Seraph.

I’m gonna say this upfront, I find it odd whenever people say they like SE.RA.PH Melt but not this one. Because the two are not especially different. Meltryllis, just like her mother, is a monster of contradictions.

She is, at heart, a prideful and extremely self-centered individual. Unlike her sister Passionlip, who has serious self-image issues, Melt loves everything about herself… And yet deep down she understands that people will reject her different-ness, which further reinforces her desire to put on a show. To this end, she contents herself with unilaterally smothering the object of her affection against their will. However, in the interval between CCC and SE.RA.PH she comes to realize the joy of putting her all into realizing her love, however futile. She comes to learn the freedom of making herself vulnerable to being hurt by others. This development thus turns her into a walking contradiction of sorts: She is an Alter Ego of Pleasure living for the sake of her own desires but is also willing to throw all of it away happily for the sake of the one she loves. They are not mutually exclusive, but different facets of the same individual. Melt is a character of many hats. She is a sadistic alter ego, but also a passionate artist, a responsible older sister, a rebellious daughter, a lover of dolls, and last but not least, an attentive partner.

That turned out longer than I expected, but it does turn me off when people say that this Melt is somehow an inferior version of any other Melt that exists. Greedy, sadistic Leviathan Melt simply just reflects the more cruel side to her overall duality.

…Okay, at the end of the day, I still think Jalter will win this poll just looking at their screentime in their respective events (also Summer 3 >>>> Summer 4). My wish for a mother vs. daughter showdown was dashed, but I guess this is fine too.


I like both of them but let’s go Jalter :fgo_jalterhappy:


A. Competition among the defeated
Or B. Just make a BB vs Melt thread anyway


Don’t jinx it!

Melt still has a chance




I expect Jalter to win. But I’m definitely pulling for Melt. All I ever really wanted was for her to make it out of the first round (since at that time she had almost no screentime) and seeing how far she could go. Now she’s taken it all the way to the finals. That’s pretty darn awesome.

And I think Melt certainly is worthy to win this one. Summer Jalter is incredibly solid across the board. But while her swimsuit is fine…I don’t think it’s beating out any of Melt’s ascensions here. Thankfully they did give Jalter a very lovely last ascension art. But I’d say Summer Melt still wins out there. Plus come on, a Leviathan (penguin). That’s a classy combination right there.

Can’t say I’m big on either figurines or drawing. But if I was leaning to one hobby or another it would probably be the figurines since I’ve at least got a couple that I’ve gathered over time. So nod to Melt on that front. Jalter definitely ran the show in her own event story-wise. Melt wasn’t taking it that far in the latest event. Although I will say she was definitely a valuable part of the story. While we can debate how valuable Hokusai herself was, Melt was hugely important in pushing her to grow more than most of her actual matches did. And I still love the ship moments there where you could console her over the loss instead of focusing on Hokusai after their match!

Both characters are great. If Jalter takes the crown again that’s pretty cool. But I think Melt can win and that it wouldn’t be unreasonable. Still a great character across the materials in FGO, awesome character design, and long term should be a great AOE arts looper. The biggest downside I have with Summer Jalter is that I just never have many excuses to use her. She’s solid, but if I want to hit things hard I’ll probably just use her avenger version.

This is her time to shine. Best of luck to Melt in these finals.





One vote




Melt or :feh_banhammer:


Going with the lovely Jalter here!


Though both are great characters, so good luck to both sides, and no hard feelings!


A little sad BB isn’t in the final :fgo_bbpout:

Melt v Jalter is tough battle but Jalter has been a fave since my early days so I’ll vote for her.


Lets go jalter