Summer errr…Autumn Wars 2021 - Semifinal 1-Cadillacs and Leviathans!

Welcome back to Summer Autumn Wars 2021!

Winner of Battle IX: BB Summer!

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Our Nightmare Vacation in Luluhana will never end if BB has her say about it!

Next up, it is Cadillacs versus Pengiuns as Carmilla and Melt go head to head so see who the true queen was in Vegas!

Carmilla (Rider)

Who needs a Halloween event when we can get Liz’s older femme fatale alter ego and her sports car? It is everyone’s favorite summer Vampire and her doggos, Carmilla Rider!

Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

Only an true idol can outshine a Summer princess! Much less while dressing up like she was auditioning for the next Disgaea game! It is everyone’s favorite prima ice skater! Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

  • Carmilla
    Carmilla (Rider)
  • Meltryllis
    Mysterious Alter Ego Λ

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General Information
  • Polls will last for 1 week and Close on Friday October 22th at 9pm (if I set it up right)

  • Next poll starts right after previous one ends (I hope! Depends on how much free time I have)

  • Matchups have been chosen randomly with this site: Wheel of Names

  • This is NOT a gameplay poll. Choose your vote based on tastes. If a Servant is better or worse in gameplay should not factor in and often doesn’t even make sense in these battles, since they are random.

  • Regarding the pictures/ascensions I use for showcasing the Servants: I was using the pics Fall-Moon had picked out and am now starting to pick my own

  • Keep it faire and sporting!
  • Discuss, Argue, Share Opinions - don’t be toxic!
  • Keep in mind: Not everone likes the same things - Don’t feel offended when someone talks about things they don’t like about your beloved Servants!
  • Spoiling for a fight will lead to a flag - Keep it friendly and respectful!
  • Sharing pictures of your supported Servant is appreciated and expected. But, please, keep them SFW as always - don’t go further than the game itself goes.
  • Always keep in mind: Swimsuit Contest
  • We don’t need trolls here!

This one is so difficult!


The other Semi-final round will be released in a little while. I got something to do in RL and will do it once I am done.


Carmilla gets my vote! Even if I highly doubt she will win.


I thought it was just me for a sec but aren’t Okita’s and Iori’s pictures from round 1 swapped?


That is how Fall-moon did it.

I think he swapped the runner up to the other bracket so that they wouldn’t have a repeat battle right from the start.


Oh, ok.

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Pretty easy vote, go CARmilla



I believe in pengu supremacy :fgo_penguinmelt:

Tho it could go either way cause melt isn’t exactly know for having a cough pleasant personality


While Carmilla’s design (other than her 2nd ascension) is top tier…

Lambda is still on another level beyond that! Go Melt!!!



Melt is from Extra so obvious vote here. Well Extra CCC but I digress.

I might be a little biased since Extra was how I was introduced to Fate.

Well technically the Fate VN introduced me wayyyyy back when I didn’t know what a Fate was but I dropped the VN when it switched from Rin to Shirou so that probably doesn’t speak well of how I thought about that way back.

If this goes on to be an Extra battle at the end I am gonna have trouble deciding.


Gotta continue to represent Carmilla gang


Pretty sure I’ll hit max fous on her whatever event is after saber wars assuming we don’t get three of each fou type from it.


I feel like this will mostly come down to aesthetics vs. gameplay in terms of votes. Not that Melt isn’t well designed, but I feel like Carmilla just manages better on a wholly aesthetic level. But that might be my bias towards P5 & OG Carmilla talking


Oh dang, there are 3 of each, guess I’m getting one more component of super rider carmilla done soon


Carmilla is aesthetically one of my favorite female models in this game, and her voice actress also being Medea’s (and Jing Ke’s IIRC) really sells it.



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The stark gap between Lambda’s dorky penguin parka and the elegance she exudes while wearing it just sums up her character perfectly. She knows what she is and carries herself with absolute pride regardless (contrasting with her sister).

Gameplay-wise, she plays exactly how you would expect Melt to play in a team setting: ‘Graciously’ accepting the entire party’s buffs and then sucking their NP gauges dry as offerings so that she alone can shine under the spotlight as the star.

So yeah, Melt gets my vote here. Don’t get me wrong. I still really like this iteration of Carmilla very much, but it’s just not comparable for me from a favoritism standpoint.


The other Semi-final match is up now. It is under the concurrent subsection.


This is definitely the easiest one for me so far (of the resumed part of the tournament). Carmilla is definitely enjoyable. They did a nice job with her design and the whole phantom thief motif. Although…she doesn’t quite work for me at times. Definitely overdid the whole throwing cards thing. Even for jokes it was a bit much. And I can’t really support constantly trying to run over Elizabeth. I can understand their conflict, but it was still a bit much.

On the other hand…it’s Melt! Just a top tier option no matter how I look at her. The design was a total win for her. A very rare occasion where the first ascension is so good you could easily just use that all the time. Although I did like her other ascensions too. Very nice performance outfits. And the third does get the ponytail which is never a bad option to include. The shades for the first ascension also were very nice choices. In terms of gameplay she’s just excellent. A good AOE lancer now and will be great into the future too. Plus…penguin (leviathans) were a great addition to her design.

As a character there’s no issue for me with Melt. I liked the little chances for her and the MC to interact, even including an option to console her after the loss instead of just giving congrats to Hokusai XD. And even as an antagonistic element in this event…she was going to deal with the major issue in her own way. Even while doing that she was helpful and did as much as anyone to build up Hokusai (even if it was mostly pointless and Musashi stole the show).

I got to give it to Melt. Even though I do overall like Carmilla. Either way I also like the potential for a Melt vs BB showdown.


I decided to vote on the phantom thief only because of this comment.