Summer fran vs. Okita

Juat got summer fran (np 1). Since I already have okita I’d like to know how does fran measure up against her. Are there any situations where it would be better to use fran over okita?

Honestly, shes a top tier waifu so im going to level her anyway, but I’d still like to know if shell ever see any use.

This thread explains the differences between the two pretty well:

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There are some people who explain it pretty well in the linked post.
However, in short, while Summer Fran is really good, Okita is better (hands down, in my opinion). That being said, I would say that Fran is still worth raising. She is still really good.

Can we say that Fran is budget Okita?
4* instead of 5* means in theory less SQZ to summon her, and the result is good.

Help that i do not like so much Okita, so for me Fran is the better of the 2.

But about gameplay, i believe Okita is way better. (but that’s because she is very strong)

It’s relatively fair to call Summer Fran a budget/poor man’s Okita, although their kits are quite different.

Fran comes with an NP Gain skill though. NP2 needed to make decent use of it easily, but still. Set her up, and Fran can pull off a loop.

When Summer BB arrives, I will have fun messing with the command card lock skill. 3 turns of a NPQA Crit setup is going to destroy most foes.

An NP gain skill that drains her NP gauge. Okita doesn’t need an NP gain skill. Her base NP gain off of Q cards is absolutely insane. On top of that, you’re almost guaranteed to Crit a lot with how many stars Okita can produce by herself. Speaking from experience, it’s really not hard at all to go from 0% to 100% NP Gauge in one turn with Okita. Plus, in terms of skill demerits, Fran Saber is even worse than Tamamo Shark.