Summer Helbindi Tank

Someone talk me out of this


I know people who can talk you into it


Easy. He’s ugly and would look prettier as a pile of feathers.

Perfect argument, 0 flaws, no conjecture, backed by some religious doctrine you haven’t heard of so if you argue you’re a heretic.


He has no bulge. Build Alphonse instead.


Just use Arden :ardenwoke:

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It probably wont function too well

also why does the Res build use Ignis?

He can be such a monstruous tank, like with a breath A slot yeah.
He can also have multiples build, and yours being +atk make the brave sword build a good option.

But back to your build : they are what we call classic but like Royahoy said : why ignis on the res build when you res is obviously higher than his def?

On both of the builds : fortress S slot isn’t really good, 5 stat for 3atk loss? The only reason I see is for having a maximum of visible res for tanking Ophelia in AR but even with that, HELBINBRO doesn’t want to tank her.
Close def/steady or warding stance / a bond skill would be better

Have you think of a build with a aether? With a breath it would make Helbinbro launch one aether per fight (don’t need slaying edge because with his spd, he’ll almost always get doubled and will launch aether on his 2nd countee)

DC is also ridiculously good on him because of his amazing mixed bulk.

That’s all


Whoops. Didn’t even notice I left that on him XD

there are so many wrong things with this reply.

(i wouldn’t give him the fortress def or res though. he needs that attack.)

This is mine:


Guess Iðunn can relate, huh.

Thats kinda the point. Its a joke. :feh_florina:

It’s a typical tank build. Not much else to be said.