Summer Ingrid iv

Pulled 3 Ingrids, one plus attack and one plus speed.
There’s no such thing as too much speed but plus attack looks great too.
Any thoughts?

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Make a +1 +spd

Keep the remaining one for fodder. Or merge if you really like her


+Atk is generally better if you plan to +10 her, but +Spd is more consistent with fewer merges and will help against future Spd powercreep :feh_arthurthink:


I’d say Spd, Guard Bearing works well when she only has to take 1 hit. If she’s doubled its value drops dramatically


Already gets +5Atk/Spd off her Prf, make it +11 Atk off the impact, so go +1 Spd and manual the other. Be sure to give the target Sturdy blow 2 first so they can get the bearing and impact.

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