Summer Jalter's Personality

So… Is it just me, or is Berserker Jalter actually less of a berserk lunatic than Avenger Jalter?
Like… it’s as if she’s actually more in control of her emotions, and doesn’t go off and cuss people out as much…

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She really doesn’t seem too much different … But I agree she seems much more tamed than normal .

Just guessing here but I am guessing her madness enhancement is manifesting more as sibling rivalry or in it making her more focused on her goal. That or at this point Jalter has gone through so much villain decay that even the writers have given up on trying to make her scary and are just leaning into the jokes.

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TBF all Summer Servants are jokes, so not like this is something exclusive to her.

Jarcher on the other hand is more ditzy and ready to fight. guess writers decided to continue Salem joke of OG Jean smh behaving as bigger battle maniac than Jalter, and latter behaving as sort of “meta” character


I, uh… skipped those cutscenes… Watched all the others, though.

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Seriously watch it, dat Jean play was comedy gold :fgo_umu:


That Jean play was sooooo funny.


She acts more like a teenaged Santa Lily than avenger Jalter IMHO.

And that is my head cannon regardless of how this Event started!


Honestly, so far it actually feels like Archer Jeanne has more of a madness enhancement than Jalter. Like she has a undisplayed onee-san version of Raikou’s madness enhancement whereas Jalter just seems more honest/less violent with her aggression compared to Shinjuku.


Not so sure I agree with this.

Jalter has never been a true villain in any sense of the word, merely that’s how she perceives herself. Most of her “villainy” comes from genuine desires to connect with people when she has lost all ability to do so.

In this summer iteration, she obsesses so heavily on writing and doing a good job with her stories because she wants to use them as a vehicle to connect with others, even if only superficially.

She’s never really been a villain, just a tragic character born from selfishness and forced to act out a specific role.


Well she has Mad Enhancement EX so it’s normal. Most of the servants with that level of ME don’t act like crazy berserkers, they are just very obsessed about something or someone (like Nightingale obsessed with her duty as nurse or Pent obsessed with Achilles).

Jalter is obsessed with the doujins, she wants to create the best doujin to finally beat Jeanne, so as Jeanne said during the event, she’s using her hatred for her in a “good way”

I’ve always loved Jalter but this version increased my love for her

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Not my impression from Orleans…

Thats true, I’m absolutely not a jalter fan, but she is way more enjoyable when she’s interacting with other servants instead of our protagonist. Guess she’s too busy creating doujins and beating her sister and has no time playing the tsundere love interest.

Thankfully summer 3 is great at showing that side of her, hope it stays that way.

Guess, should add “post Orleans”, cause her character arc, after undergoing identity crisis on being fake artificial being, is trying to find her own desires and forge new identity for herself. And since then she tries acting like she think befits a villain, cause that is the only thing she knows. And fails at it, cause after abandoning her “vengeance for those who betrayed Jean D’Arc” goal, she really has nothing to desire ad therefore use villainy to achieve


Reminds me of that joke about Berserkers being angry Servants (Avengers) at home.


I have been really enjoying Jalter’s summer rivalry with Whaler Jeane. It brings out her tsundere side we haven’t seen much of since Shinjuku


Even better: She’s being less bitchy about it! :stuck_out_tongue:


RIP for ur hopes lol. They had the protagonist sleeping scene.

she feels more fun and natural to listen to.

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Personally, I’m treating this entire summer 3 event as one big honeymoon with mai waifu. Finally, more screen time for the best grill!