Summer joke teams?

As in, have you ever made strange summer-based teams of servants whose purpose is nothing more than strolling around?

Since this is my first FGO summer…for me it’s new.

I think i’m going to do this kind of team:

FRONT LINE: Assassin Scathach - Lancer Tamamo(friend support) - Assassin Nitocris (starring the summer beautyes strolling around)


1- Sherlock Holmes (starring the weird stalker-guy with a suspicious coat)

2- Kintoki Rider (starring the loud biker guy and overprotective friend)

3- Rider Ishtar (starring the tomboy girl with the Vespa bike)

…i know, it’s silly. But that’s the whole point.

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well summer bonus servant groupings last year were certainly a joke

though I just capitalizaed the best I could off bonuses, because holy shit the farming

Eh, this is my first summer.
I hope i did not miss anything important in the previous summers.

rerun is first summer event, so you’re good to be able to get everything

it’s just the event requires a metric fuckton of farming if you want to clear out everything

since currency isn’t just used for the shop, but also to build stuff to progress in the main story. and each building quest has 3 options to choose from. of which after you’ve completed the island for them once, you can demolish to start over to choose one of the other building options to claim their reward and get their story segment

rewards are all just basically a small sum of mp though (but it does add up substantially, of course), except for the 3 lores at the very end of p2

When Summer 3 comes, I will go full-on into the CasGilgamesh, Summer Marie and Summer Artoria team. Is it stupid? Absolutely. Does it sound incredibly fun? Definitely.

Thankfully I have a MLB 2030 to use.

Sorry for the dumb question, but does that mean if you want all three lores, you have to go through all three routes?

Mmm… well, my aim is simple:

1- get as much sqz reward and tickets from quests of these summer events.

Why? Because for now i can do only 9 times the 10x rolls and i have 0 tickets…and i would like a Nitocris Assassin at least at NP2. Very hard.

2- Get the welfare Scathach and Ishtar with full ascension items and NP5.

Materials from the shop…i can live without them. Getting the welfare servants is more important

You are given the option to undo one construction stage so you won’t have do more than build it again with different materials twice.

You will not have to touch any of the other routes so it is not very tedious on that part.

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oh yeah, I actually kinda forgot about that

I just did demolish all, since I mean I may as well if I’m just gonna go full completionist route

The farming in this event is gross, I didn’t even get Summer shishou last year because I thought it a good idea to bum rush the event on the last two days, didn’t work especially since you need to clear both parts to get shishou permanently.