Summer Kiara class might be Moon Cancer

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Yeah so what, the raids also had Foreigner and Alter Ego BB versions, that doesn’t really mean anything.


You right , but this is just my theory only so it’s not comfirmed yet

I can see her being a Moon Cancer since she knows BB and Jinako is a MC too.

She’s not a normal servant so she probably can’t be summoned with a regular class, so MC and Alter Ego are (probably) her only options

I think so too, Kiara herself was a Mage in CCC, so Caster might be another option, but her being an evil in the moon cell would make an acceptable excuse for another Moon Cancer

God I hope not, Moon Cancer is one of the worst classes (if not the worst) in the game, unless they give her something broken like BB (or give her some insane internals), that would essentially knee cap her on arrival.

I agree that Moon Cancer isn’t the strongest class. But BBs Card Lock skill is definitely not broken. It’s a nice gimmick to (ab)use and have fun with, but that’s about it. It’s just too RNG reliant.
If anything, her other two skills are almost more valuable.