Summer Lorenz build ideas

Well… Lorenz is the first TT unit that I impulsively promoted at 4-stars. Since he’s Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, I decided to come up with some builds once I get the 5-star copy. I want you to tell me which one is better.
Option 1 - Atk/Res Powerhouse

I realized that Conch Boquet heals after combat, so it could basically neutralize Fury’s side effect. Since he has Pivot right at the start, I could give him Atk/Res Link from a Valentines Titania to further boost his stats. And Threaten Res… I couldn’t come up with anything else. Maybe something like Atk Smoke?

Option 2 - Putting the Speed in Speedo

This came out as an attempt at fixing Lorenz’s attack stat. Basically offensive Lorenz. While 39 Speed is not a lot, I hope Panic Ploy and Threaten Spd (yes, Spd Smoke exists, but it kind of clashes with Conch Bouquet’s effect), as well as outside buffs, could push it even further. Vantage should activate and let Lorenz get rid of the enemy, as well as restore some health after that. Yes, I could use Loyal Wreath instead of Conch Bouquet, since it raises all the stats, but I’m a bit low on feathers to promote units just to fodder them.

Note that Dragonflowers aren’t involved… yet.
So… which one is better? And any tips at fixing any of them? (Note that I won’t use any premium skills.)


I like the first one.

I would change Pivot to Swap, personally, but that’s a matter of playstyle.

As for the C, that one’s a little rough with a weapon like that one. Smokes aren’t as compatible, not unuseable, just not as great of an option. I don’t quite know what budget C skill there is that would work well so that’d be your call.


I think Fury could actually be a really good skill on him, especially for budget. His stats are very rounded and he uses all of them pretty much, and the recoil is negated by the weapon.

I’d go with the first build probably.

The second build’s Vantage with 51 atk is… not great. Neither is 39 spd with an offensive build.


Keep in mind Lorenz doesn’t want to fight multiple enemies per phase. Not just because it won’t buff his stats after the first fight, but because he’ll also lose out on the healing buff too, thus Fury will hit for a full 6 damage


You gave me an idea for a Lorenz build of my own but then I saw it would be way too similar to another project in mind’s build.

Edit: Actually, if I can give the other guy Spiral instead of Mystic Boost then the build wouldn’t be repeated if given to Lorenz.


I love and hate you for this, lmao.


I admit the name for the second build is the legit best but furious indigination for me.

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Cool ideas. I’d have just been putting renewal and savage blow to play the fire boost game.