Summer Lyn or Summer Byleth?

So I was planning to summon for Summer Byleth merges when her banner reruns, but I started doing Lyn Emblem videos and Ninja Lyn, Resplendent Lyn and Brave Lyn are at least +4 merged and either +Atk or +Spd with the others not being as lucky. Between Valentine, Bride and Summer Lyn, I will most likely use Summer Lyn and she’s neutral with no merges. Lyn is my favorite FE character, but I also love Byleth and I’ve also been using her Summer version a lot. My current Summer Lyn is neutral with no merges and my current Summer Byleth is +Hp and +1 merge. Which of the two should I aim to get merges on?

FYI, I don’t need either for Arena because I have +10 Ninja Lyn, Winter Hilda, Larcei and Legendary Edelgard in my core. The merges are because I like them a lot.

  • Merge Summer Lyn
  • Merge Summer Byleth

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As you’re pulling for fun and because you like their characters, it’s hard for me to pick for you :feh_legion_miso:
Getting that first +1 merge is generally more useful so you could go for a first merge on Summer Lyn before deciding what to do with the rest of your orbs maybe? :feh_maethink:
That +HP on Summer Byleth can be fixed with Trait Fruit if you like.


They’re both fairly unique, but I’d say Byleth is the stronger unit of the two. Personally I’d go with her, but I don’t know how much more you like Lyn than Byleth, and Lyn is a good and unique unit in her own right, so take that with a grain of salt.


My tiebreaker for these things is to go for the unit with better art. But it sounds like Lyn is your no.1 and Byleth is your no.2, so i’m not sure why you cant decide. S!Byleth with windsweep is leagues better a unit than S!Lyn though, if that matters to you.


I agree with Someone as it’s hard to give a definitive answer since they’re both for fun. Just merge whichever one you like more I guess.

But for gameplay, I’d go with summer Lyn.


(I forgot to give Byleth IV’s shhhh)
As you can see Lyn has better defensive stats than Byleth. Deep Blue bow also provides a spectrum +4, rather than the boost to only attack and speed from Sun’s Percussors. Lyn makes better use of the defensive stats that you will get from merging compared to Byleth. Also Lyn has the ability to run spd/def trace (when it comes out) safely due to her better defenses, while Byleth is locked to windsweep / watersweep. Byleth’s duo skill does patch this problem up, but it won’t always be available.
But since it’s not for arena, just choose the one you like most. :feh_bylethshook: :feh_lynsleep:


Since this is for personal reasons and not for any sort of competitive mode, I’d say go with your favorite. If Lyn is your favorite character, then you should absolutely spoil her

Boobleth is plenty strong even at low merges


I say Lyn since I feel she needs the merges and stats more. Byleth is more inherently overpowering, so can get by on low merges.


Wow. Summer Lyn was in the lead early on, but Summer Byleth really managed to jump ahead of her.

Completely 100% Biased in my hatred for Summer Lyn says go with Byleth.

If she hadn’t blocked me 3 times on the DSH banner S!Laegjarn would be +10


I’d say use the fruits on Byleth and keep pulling for Lyn. Seeing as they’ve got the most of your merges its less of an investment than playing catch-up on a unit whos pretty good at low merges. Switch her to a spd boon with life and death and triggering her weapon shouldn’t be that big of a deal.


For reference this is a side by side comparison of a +1 and a +10

And with one having LnD 4 and the other 3, so add 2 points of atk/spd to the +1 version.

And 8 dragon flowers.

So it’s not a very accurate comparison.

I’m sorry, but I’m a bit confused by this part.

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The Lyns being the units you’ve got more merges on. Require less overall effort to complete than a unit who works with the bare minimum. Less orbs, time and effort.


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