Summer Melt and Summer Okita...are they good?

As you see, for the first time i got EX luck even here in JP.

Now, are these 2 summer servant good?

Or in other words, was it really EX luck or i simply pulled 2 useless gold servant that will be put on a shelf to gather dust?

And if they are good, have you got any tips about in which kind of teams do they shine?

I’ll just leave this here



I mean, seriously.


Won’t say it’s not impressive, but it sucks that they’re only showcasing servants in these whale comps. What’s left for the common-folk?

For whatever it’s worth, I think both are very good.

Melt is an AoE arts servant with good NP gain. Even without a perfect NP loop setup, she doesn’t have much trouble firing back to back NPs. Her first skill keep her arts cards relevant throughout an entire fight, with one turn of power when you can stack it thanks to the ridiculously short cooldow/long durarion on the buff. Combined with her third skill, you get a very strong turn in which it’s also easy to crit and thus refund more NP. On that note, her NP + good quick and extra cards grant easy access to stars to crit with afterwards.
Invincibility, resistance to buff removal and enemy dodge removal all make her relevant for more challenging quests as well.

Okita received some bashing due to her “demerits”. They’re hardly so, considering her insane performance. Her quick cards (of which she has 3 + NP) are absolutely insane, resembling Jack’s generation values, and exceeding hers with that 3-turn 50% quick buff on her third skill.
Yes, it does have a defense debuff you can’t quite deal with. But between crits and NP looping, most enemies should be dead before it even poses a problem. Even when they wouldn’t die, you mostly need to be careful the third turn, when the defense debuff is stacked to a whooping 50%, in which case even Riders will hurt. She has evasion on her second skill, should you need protection, or you can always use your Mystic Code if it’s really critical.
First skill grants a massive critical buff on a low cooldown, and you can generally bypass the demerit simply by casting it before other skills.
The stun on her NP is a bit awkward, but can be played around with Command Codes, CEs or other effects. Even without them, stun isn’t 100%, so it’s still not awful, and if she’s wiping the whole wave, it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t play on JP but I have a question: Does Melt’s second skill apply water zone to herself or the battlefield? Because if it’s something that changes the field for everyone it would be really sick, off the top of my head like buffing other servants like Nero or summer Martha.

I’ll have to test them. I’m glad i rolled them in this JP account, because this way i’ll know if i want these servants for my main account, NA.

Since you got Okita, I would like to ask a question:
The description of her 3rd skill says that her defense down is counted as a buff, and her 1st skill has the demerit of removing a defensive buff. Does that mean it can remove the defense down from her 3rd skill?

@kewebbjr i noticed that too. Sadly, she’s still level 1 for now.
This is a question i will be able to answer only later

Ok. If you find out anytime soon and still remember, let me know.
Or, if anybody else reading this does know, let me know.

I remember seeing a post on reddit or something that showed the skills don’t work together. So you can’t remove the “buff” with her skill.

Melt is good, Lancer competition is hard though (Parvati/Valkyrie).

Oki sucks for hard content cuz her demerit are painful. On 3T, she can be serviceable if you throw a Waver Order Change (she can’t do it otherwise) but she’s definitely not good at it, even with Waver she struggles depending on NP levels, number of enemies and enemy HP. I wonder how she holds up NP1 with NP5 Summer Scathach on the same conditions, i don’t think she could even 3T that quest at NP1.

Not sure about okita, but due to fate forcing me to run arts teams with my pulls Melt looks like a really good arts lancer, her first skill can always be up and even be stacked due to its long duration and short cooldown, and her second skill is good for survivability. And if I’m reading the skill right her third skill looks like the charge she gets is worth it despite the debuff on her allies. And although its aoe, her np should be good for dealing with slippery enemies, although I’m not familiar with the meta on jp.

Melt’s plus also are Penguins.

Penguins walking around her when she use a skill and Penguins swimming with her during her NP animation :sweat_smile:

I swear, it’s a silly thing and usually i would frown at that. But somehow Penguins are fitting with her summer character :heart_eyes:

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