Summer Musashi or Space ishtar?

1 minor consideration: If you use FGA, Space Ishtar will be slightly more annoying to automate re facecards due to neutral damage.


Space Ishtar really is the superior choice on almost every front. Aside from her improved loop consistency, her RNG card buffs (80% chance for each of them to proc is pretty good) also improve her chain damage if you have to facecard down a chunky enemy (which you would almost never will, at least on nodes to date, but who knows what DW has in store for the future), and her Extra card buff does as well if you luck into a Brave chain, closing the gap between her and Musashi in terms of damage a little. Being able to swap to a Quick NP means she can be handy in the gap between her release and Castoria’s which Musashi decidedly is not, and long term being able to swap to Quick or Buster makes her a good universal pick for multi-target CQs using any strategy you like. Her battery also gives her much bigger CE flexibility if you haven’t pulled your way to decent-levelled Black Grail, are running 6-slots or need specific boosts like from Painting Summer. I’d consider her mats easier as well, although that might not be the case for everyone. On the utility front, Ishtar’s Charm Immune is much more unique than Musashi’s Ignore Invul, although equally useless for routine farming. The more tools in your kit though, the better equipped you’ll be in case DW ever decides to mess with us in very specific ways.

In terms of a value-for-money pick, on f2p resources, I’d consider Space Ishtar a close second only to Arjuna Alter out of this year’s Servants. It also gives you a reasonable gap between banners to recharge resources.


Space Ishtar hands down. Not only because she is consistent and works with Castoria, but she is also compatible with double Skadi and to some extent Merlin. Just requires a bit more setup.


  • Grailed Chen Gong for non-Rider nodes.
  • Grailed Jason for Rider nodes.
  • Waifu is temporary, but bros are forever.
  • Reject waifu, return to monke.

Considering how ugly this USA bikini is, no way I’ll roll for Musashi over Space Ishtar. Piriotize the best, prioritize Space Ishtar


This is before Castoria AKA before he can run Black Grail too.

Who needs class advantage anyway?


I remember that one; cute video, but too CE-bloated and click-heavy for events. Castoria, save us!


I stand corrected. Jesus there really is no excuse to not 3T farm, is it? Even fresh out of Fuyuki accounts can grab Arash, Para, and Rental Castoria and Chen Gong the shit out of the entire game, can’t they?

Edit: After grailing Chen Gong and Arash of course. And after getting their hand on at least two IA or two 50% charger event CEs.

I wonder if Gong would be my first gold border low rarity servant. Time to change my grailing plans? :fgo_insane:

Well, this turned out to be a convenient thread now that Saber Wars 2 is getting its rerun.

Question about rolling:

I already have Musashi, but still plan to roll for and Grail Ishtar because Ishtar. If we’re talking damage vs consistency between the two, do the extra 10 levels make enough of a difference to be able to get by on NP1 or is NP2 Ishtar still recommended?

Grails and even gold fous won’t take NP1 to NP2 damage level. Assuming similar conditions as my earlier post in this thread, these are the W1 damage for SpIshtar:

  • NP1, lv 90, 1k fou: 53.8k
  • NP1, lv 100, 1k fou: 58.5k
  • NP1, lv 100, 2k fou: 62.5k
  • NP2, lv 90, 1k fou: 71.7k

Whether you need NP2 or not in the first place is a different question though.

On the other hand, grails and gold fous would be enough to bring NP2 damage to NP3 level, due to the smaller increments from NP2 to NP3 damage multiplier.


I have a question. I have seen that lots of the premium Castoria team composition require Black Grail. I am just one copy away of MLB Heaven’s Feel and I don’t have BG. If I am lucky enough to MLB but BG never comes, is it a good replacement? Or it needs to be MLB BG?

Also, does MLB scope could also work? Thanks.

The ideal Castoria setup is the one with no CE requirements, which allows you to have 6 event CEs equipped. This is possible when your main dps (SpIshtar, Musashi, etc.) does enough damage to kill the enemies and refunds enough to loop.

If that isn’t possible for reasons like very high hp enemies, or 1-2 mobs in a wave, you can use other CEs such as black grail (for higher damage), kscope (starting gauge), or a combination of starting gauge/np gain/etc. These are only used when a no-CE setup is not feasible.


You should only require BG if your team lacks sufficient damage because you’re trying to clear a bar that’s otherwise too high for that Servant and at their current NP level.

Ideally you don’t often need it so that you can run with full event CEs.


Oh, I see. Thank you both for the explanation.

Then I hope either Musashi or Ishtar-Astarte comes home for Maximum Tamamo and Double Casturia flexing.


Slightly off-topic, but this year’s lottos seem pretty underwhelming? I can always use the proofs from Gilfest (horseshoes, serpent eyes, chains, and proofs), but NightingXmas seems like a total strikeout for me (pages, crystals, lamps, fangs), especially after this Xmas lotto. Finally a fully relaxing holiday season in sight!

I’m tempted to just save all of the apples from this year for Shishoufest (feathers, gears, proofs, and bones). Dust from Karnamas is always welcome too.


That IS the question.

From experience with Lv 90 1k Fou Musashi so far, I’ve had decent results on non-farming nodes and with farming: Wave 1 clears consistently, W2 95% of the time and W3 can typically be facecarded on the same turn if it doesn’t clear. How would Lv 100, 1k+ Fou Ishtar compare at NP1 and does NP2 make enough of a difference to justify the need for it?

Edit: If necessary for calcs, my only MLB CEs as of writing are IE and Heavenly Demon Princess

Next Christmas has pages :fgo_insane:? Like I could finally sell my flat in hyde park?

Too bad it’s a year away. I’ll just have to enjoy my piles of feathers, fangs, bones and crystals until then.


You can calculate your specific case’s numbers here:

I’ve posted some general no-CE numbers in an earlier post in this thread, honestly I don’t see either of those two comfortably clearing W2-3 at NP1 without any CE. Personally I’m going for NP2-3 with grails and gold fous.

@jokersan4: I’m just looking forward to the barbatos raid which comes with the case files event. Hopefully it’ll live long enough to let me farm some dusts.

@Mysty: Your kind must be the sole support for London’s property market post-Brexit.