Summer musashi vs Summer Melt

In terms of looping how good this two and whixh is better?


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Musashi is Castoria compliant so she will be able to loop easily after next anni as long as there are no odd enemy nodes…


And summer melt is not?


The thing is, both can loop extremely well.
The advantage that Musashi has over Melt is that she is a Berserker, so she has class advantage against most servants.
Melt on the other hand only has advantage against archers and berserkers.
So Musashi is more effective in most cases, but on the other hand, Melt is a 4 star so it would technically be easier to obtain her (at higher NP levels).

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Right now Musashi is a bit expensive to use

I also heard that melt can loop even with irregular enemy’s like 3 2 3 or 3 2 2 node is tht true?

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Musashi is, for all intents and purposes, unstoppable on 3/3/3 nodes. To my knowledge, in all the game’s history, there has been exactly one 3/3/3 node with a Foreigner in it that could give Musashi troubles. But if there’s even one enemy missing, she can and will struggle to refund, and those nodes are increasingly frequent.

Melt is a Lancer, so she’s basically hard-countered by Sabers and Rulers, but in exchange she has a massive 60% personal battery to assist with NP access if direct refunding isn’t an option. Worth noting that Spishtar is generally a better option for this, since she’s basically never at class disadvantage and has SSR stats, which is a worthwhile trade for 10% charge.

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Well you see,

A fool wearing 3 panties vs

Cool friend of birds

The choice is clear…


On archer / berserker nodes, yes. Not any other type.



Birb supremacy


It depends a bit - BG fixes a lot of sins. With an MLB BG, fous and NP1, Melt’s minroll is 69654 for 2 waves and 93173 for the wave she uses her battery/attack skill, which is pretty good neutral numbers that can tackle a lot of nodes. NP2 pushes that to 91538/124320, which is pretty well within most benchmarks. Not everyone has an MLB BG of course, but in that case Musashi takes an equivalent hit.


the main thing imo is that musashi’s damage is generally better thanks to her class and stats, but melt can work with non-3/3/3 nodes with proper setup and investment. melt also works pre-castoria with investment and the right supports.

melt really only shines with investment though, so high np level, grails, gold fous, etc. if you’re not willing to give her that and only want a looping arts farmer (especially if you want one for irregular nodes), just save for space ishtar and ignore the summer duo.


Meltryllis ages much better, because of her up to 60% battery giving her way more flexibility in which types of nodes she works in.

After next year’s Anni, when Caster Artoria comes out, Nodes with less than 2 enemies per wave will become standard and Musashi having no NP charge means she doesn’t just struggle, she flat out has no way of clearing them even with Castoria.

Melt might work on less nodes, due to class advantage, but will work on way more nodes than Musashi.

Either way, both are worse than Space Ishtar.


It’s always space Ishtar bro


We can never escape her.

In every discussion about loopers she will be there, looking down on everyone else.


Excuse me folks, would you like to hear a story about our lady and saviour Space Ishtar?


Melt + Space Ishtar would be the smartest choice if you don’t care for Musashi besides gameplay.

Well, even if you do Melt should take priority regardless :fgo_penguinmelt:


IKR? I have no clue how any could mention rolling for any other looper for gameplay and exclude her.


Yeah she’s kinda the standard every other arts looper should be measured against.


Pingu melt is obvious answer for me because penguins! Also she wears shades what more do you want and best part is that she’s a 4*.