Summer Osakabehime, Let's Discuss

Her kit seems great at a glance, triple arts deck, Buster AoE NP, and Buffs for herself and the team.
Seems like she’s set to be a secondary attacker/support, though she can’t make great use of her buster buffs and her arts deck might gum up buster teams. Still, she’ll crit hard and should be able to semi spam her NP. Thoughts?

Shouldn’t you put the jp tag?

my bad, always forget optional tags.

Nah, you have no idea how many times i do the same error.
But at least with the tag new players won’t get confused, thinking that some feature or servants JP only are instead in NA

My bad, can’t we wait?
Since usually gamepress make general discussion thread about new servants?

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She’s got a somewhat okay mix of selfishness and team support going on. Her Archer class works well with her Crit Buff and she does work well as a mix of Buster support and DPS herself. Her NP is pretty much like an AoE version of Merlin’s Hero Creation (Buster and Crit buff), and her triple Arts deck should help with the up-time on those effect.

That 5-turn CD on all her skills looks pretty good too, especially if we pair her with Tamamo and her CD reduction on NP. That’s a 1-turn downtime on skills, maybe even no downtime if Tama fires her NP off a second time.

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Looks like Okkie truly had betray Skadi… Her NP give buster up to all allies for 3 turn 20% min overcharge…

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She looks like an NP-reliant buster crit semi-support with a mismatched kit and middling attack.

I guess as a 4* she’s not bad…but the archer class doesn’t do her any favors.

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Yeah while crit buff and buster buff is quite good but there’s too many good archer for her to compete… But then again if I get her 2 year later I want to try team her up with Anne and Mary archer. The lesbo pirate lack of crit buff and buster buff. With their ability to instinct + draw star they might be a good combination.

@Sizzle Are they still coming or shall we just continue using these threads?

Archer class actually have its advantages. You can use your main dps self modification to absorb stars for 3 turns and let her be the secondary dps for 3 turns. This way none of your stars ever goes to waste.

Ehh. For Jalter that’s fine, but if I’m running someone like Rama who only has a 1-turn star gather with Merlin…why wouldn’t I just use regular Okkie, who also makes stars, buffs party crit damage, and has a more supportive NP?

I suppose she’s be better as a DPS—she has huge personal steroids and really good NP again for a triple-arts deck.

Kind of like how Sherlock is insane as a DPS under a stacked Elementary, My Dear. Okkie can probably back-to-back NP and hit for a massive single buster crit when she draws it.

Ah you can make those threads yourself, I am not going to make an individual one because, well, you’ll see.

I think Okki is pretty good. Just may need to put a little more effort on your team comp. I play a lot with David and Arjuna, and I’ve come to like the so-called mismatched deck. You don’t get such big damage spikes, but charging NP is so much easier. Deck works great if, for some reason, you’re soloing.

Oh, and that NP looks dope.

Hadn’t thought of it as that way. I like using both Emiya and Arjuna so it won’t be that odd.
I did some number crunching and I wouldn’t be able to make a huge nuke if I had my NA team but she appears built to spam it so will not matter that much.

All of her animations look great and the NP is fun to watch. Only regret is that I used up the store embers to raise Hokusai so it will take a bit longer before I can use mine.

How does the damage cut passive feel?

On it’s own, the damage cut passive doesn’t amount to much, but if you look to stack it with CEs (Room Guard or Lady Fox seem like good options) or other defensive skills (ex: Lanling, Waver, Chen), it can be rather absurd.
Obviously, if you take that route you lose on firepower, but just having the option is nice.

Generally speaking, I think you want to pair Okki with a strong star generator and she’s set.

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Think a set up with saberlot and tamo would work? Saberlot makes plenty of stars and can really use the buster and crit buffs, plus on turns when you don’t draw his cards Okki can just use her own crit buffs to make sure they don’t go to waste, and Tamo does Tamo Things. with Tamo lowering the cooldowns on Saberlot you might not even need to run a 2030, (but you could anyway). only problem is keeping Saberlot alive without invuln/evades, But i guess you could just us the atlus uniform?

I’m not convinced by that comp, as Lancelot’s 3-turn star gather skill would severely hamper Okki’s performance. Not even CEs would allow her to get the stars instead of Lancelot.
It wouldn’t be a terrible team, but by merit of all servants being pretty strong on their own, more than any special synergy.

Arjuna could be interesting. He has decent star generation even on arts cards thanks to his Clairvoyance. Since he also has the triple arts buster NP deck, you can just keep doing arts chains and then chain NPs themselves (which you usually want to do with Tamamo anyway, due to her overcharge). Okki’s Buster buff would then make Pashupata even stronger.

While not mandatory, if you slap a 2030 on Arjuna, then he’s generating tons of stars per turn, and with Tamamo’s CD reduction, Hero of the Endowed should be closer to a 8-turn CD, which is pretty good. This makes your crits pretty consistent across the board.

Lanling is a very defensive alternative for this composition, who also happens to provide some stall that synergizes nicely with Tamamo. Unlike Arjuna, however, I think he’s forced to run 2030.

Then we have more conventional picks, like the old, reliable Caster Gil. Really good teamwide buffs, including an insane star generation booster. Also Hans, who’s even dumber after his 3rd skill buff.

All good points, But I have to team build with what I have. My collection of Arts servants is terrible on my JP account except for Saberlot and Tamo. I feel like running her with Summer Hokusai isn’t much differnt than Saberlot.