Summer raids

I know I get on everyone’s nerves because I stay on the forum often since joining. But its the only way I can get tips and discuss things about the game .
But anyone else having trouble with these ?
I followed the guide on how to take out each one and still its of no use. The demon pillar no problem. Double jeanne plus atalanta alter did the trick. Now happlly have jalter zerker np2.
Bb im just giving up on unless there’s some way to survive her.
But kiara that one im having the most trouble with due to her ignore invincible np. I wanted to know if anyone else was having issues or if we could all share strategies.

I tried everything I could think of. Using my jeanne. Plus a borrowed one and atalanta plus using salter to give her an attack boost but I still lose the whole team in around 8 rounds due to that np. And help from borrowed Sherlock. Trying to go for mash. Sherlock. Jeanne defense to assist ibaraki in surviving long ebough to get her np off. No go. Poor thing too fragile at her level 60 and that ignore invincible np takes away any beserkers shot at surviving it.

Even tried using my heavy hitting beserkers together. Ibaraki. Atalanta and my grailed kiyo. Still can’t manage to kill her without that np taking everyone out.
Slowly eating away at her max health yea. But with very little days left of the event. I highly doubt I can take out every raid boss. So concentrating on kiara since my only weapon against bb is melty but shes also far too fragile. (Trapped at 70)

She’s only like 400k HP, right? Wouldn’t bond 10 Herc solo work?


Huh I was wondering how I am doing this on my alt as well Thanks for the suggestion!

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Just solo it with a friend’s support.

Heracles, Meltryllis, Martha, Cu Alter or even Jeanne, all of them should be able to solo the Mooncancers/Foreigners in this event.

That’s how i did the Apocrypha raids on JP because i had a new account.


I wouldn’t use Jeanne against Kiara, though.


Only take her on at night.

I threw Martha ruler with aerial dive at her and tried to buff her for as much damage as possible, then try to clean up after the np with backline. I failed to KO her twice, once with a mere 5k remaining, but it really just meaant I needed to face her one extra time to finish off her raid hp


Buffing the crap out of a single-target Berserker and deleting the enemy works smoothly for almost all of it.

Against the Foreigner type, buff the crap out of a rival Foreigner or Alter Ego.

If you can’t blitz the raids with damage, it helps to refer to the Gamepress guide to see which gimmicks to expect and plan ahead.


Yeah as a hardcore jeanne lover… she does ■■■■ all in this fight except some mediocre stars and healing.

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Yeah, Kiara’s NP ignores invul and she gets extra damage against Rulers.

EDIT: Though, it doesn’t really hit very hard. I just face-tanked it with my team, and it did like 8k-ish? Not a problem if you burst her down, quickly.


Tell me what servants you have. I can’t really recommend strats without knowing that.

I personally did Kiara raids during the night with ruler Martha and double Merlin. I completed them but it was always close. A friend of mine used MHXA and double Skadi and cleared her easily. I used that setup for BB pele (alterego) and it did great.

For BB Foreigner you need a Melt. I got one at lvl 90 np1 and 9/10/9 skill and just leveled up so I got room for a newbie if you are interested.

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Basically what I did.

I was thinking fighting her during day would be like her CCC form…Im glad it wasnt .


Yeah, seemed like just some damage resistance. It allowed her to live one extra turn.

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I could definitely use melt.
I have one but shes far too low leveled to phase bb. She does me good on caster bosses but that’s about it lol
I need to level her up more but I didn’t think I’d ever need her thar much. That came back to bite.


So my Dumb self didn’t get the pun of Sessyoin Kiara of the night.

So about the 3rd time fighting her, Im sitting here laughing like a dummy after I finally got it. lol


My IGN is Vaydra and my friend code is:

If you need me to change any CEs let me know. I got all the big supports so don’t be afraid to ask for specific servants too


Raids are Lu Bu time

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This thread has made me put up my Musashi and Herc on my event support list.

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Here’s what I got. Not much and none of em do me much good against these enemies. My only support caster other than Parcelelus is skadi. Basically stays a support for rider mo and anastasia and we know skadis use. But ana is 81 but shes useless for these enemies.
Jeanne level 66
Atalanta alter 78 and nearly max fou
Ibaraki 60.
Eldorado 52
Kiyohime 80 max fou
Melty 70
Archer only one good one. Emiya 80.
Salter 82 almost max fou. I just use her party wide attack up thats it. Shes not good for these extra classes except that and as a sacrifice
Very ill equipt to handle these enemies .

Oh and be sure to tell me your IGN so I accept the right person.


I am not going to lie, the strat we used basically just let my fodder start the match so she would wipe them with NP to bring in the actual team that could do anything, and by actual team, I mean a support Martha.

I am new to the game. So, basically it was just force feeding the MC 2 golden apples to beat these.