Summer rerun 2

Saw this one.

Personally, I need those mats more than hearing their voice lines but maybe someone else will hear their plea and help them win.

PS: I will support my Kings.


Ngl, I thought this was going to be another thread where someone asks “when will Summer 2 rerun drop” :rofl::sweat_smile:


I would but I’m not about to fulfill the wishes of a reddit user


Well unless their route drop Dust I go for other mats.

This is gamepress not reddit pls

Same. I need mats more than i need some voicelines.

I’m sorry Reddit guy. I love Nitocris, but I greatly dislike Scheherazade, so they will not be supported by me.

It’s either Umu or Nobu, materials be damned!


Nitocris gave up on any chance of winning the moment she paired with someone that puts safety above everything else.


Maybe in part 1 round 2 I choose them because of poison needle.

…I need this poison needle for semiramis skill up

I don’t mind helping this or that, but not like me alone gonna help them win. So unless they’re leading (or 2nd place), I’d probably go to whoever easiest for me.

holy shit, a rererun for the summer1 event!

but really, aren’t the winning lines in the voice archive for nitoass or something? regardless of if she actually won anything

and same for everyone else too


That, plus gaem actually covers own personal runs as to who is registered as winning.

Hence, since I’ll only throw an apple or two for hearts + gold-drops turned QP once the races are over and done with, go Queens! :fgo_scheherazadesmirk: :fgo_nitosheets:

I gotta cheer for my cute granny and humanculus daughter, they are already in danger of losing due nero and salter being in the race.


It’s always gonna be Nero and Salter. They have the best mats and easy nodes.


Cute Granny won the race in the end for me last year.


Yep, I was cheering for Nero/Salter myself, but it was my first week of play, so I couldn’t even do the 40 AP nodes. I was kinda disappointed, but now that I actually know the characters, I don’t mind (plus, they unlocked all the cutscenes, anyway).

Nero will win this year, however.




When doesn’t best emperor not win?


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Apparently, in 67 AD, Nero visited Greece, and took part in the Olympics. He entered, and won, every competition, returning to Rome with 1,800 victory laurels.

Imperial Privilege EX

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Huh. Well, I feel kind of bad for them and if we could just pick one race segment that’s hardly going to blow anybody’s material requirements away. It would be funny to see their ultra-cautious style win a race segment.

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