Summer Saber Lancer Bunny Artoria (Ruler Version) General Discussion


Casino Camelot, or Kagegurui 2.0 featuring Bunny Saber as the student council president.
Or it’s Vegas, maybe she’s a mob boss :feh_lucyshrug:

Her attack stat got lost somewhere on the way there though by the way, it’s tied with Jeanne’s. :fgo_disgusting: That means it’s lower than 2 of the 4* Rulers that exist.


S1 is an NP charge with a delayed buff and a 1-turn Evade. The battery goes up to a max of 40%, which my reliable sources tell me is less than 50% :disappointed: It isn’t an unworkable battery (especially because like many Artorias she has refund from her NP (but flat, not based on OC like Saber’s), so using it on like wave 2 when farming makes it larger than the 30% required to “loop” using some chargers), and it’s definitely better than like the weird snek sisters or OG Carmilla with 27% when Lored. The delayed buff is a 1 turn 30% Attack boost, so using this on wave 2 is intentional, I believe, so you get that maximum attack for the final wave. Her HP is already super, super high and she’s resistant but the Evade is nice if it happens to work out to be a boss’ NP turn or something as well. Don’t use it for that.

S2 is their attempt at making her unique, and it is at that, but “unique” doesn’t always mean “good.” It shuffles the Command Cards you’ve been given. This is a skill on a mystic code as well, and really it’s a hope-and-pray kind of thing. Can’t she just cheat at cards and let you select the 5 you want or something? :fgo_badciv: Anyway, it also has some team support in the form of a 3-turn party-wide 50% Crit buff, which is serious. Next summer, this will get a buff that allows you to actively select 1 Servant who won’t have their cards show for 1 turn, and then increases NP gain for all allies for 1 turn as well by 30%. Not the best buff the skill could have had, to be honest.

S3 isn’t bad, really - a selfish 40% Attack buff and a 1-turn buff to her star gather weight. I don’t know for sure what the intended use is here. I want to say you use it turn 1 and NP, use her S1 turn 2 and NP, and then NP again turn 3 with +70% Attack, but that throws out her crit buff and card shuffle. So maybe you are going to face card (slowly) and use S2 for the crit buff, then if she had good cards from it use S3 to gather stars and Buster chain with a Merlin or something?

Skill (and Ascension) Mats:

Ruler mats are blessed mats, at least for players who went through a lottery. She needs Pieces/Monuments (x5 from all 7 classes) and Gems (x5 from all 7 classes) but then her only other asked mats are Shells (36) and Scales (45).

Mat Farming Locations and (Approximate) AP Cost:

Shells (Observatory, Babylonia): 1,875.6 AP

Scales (Nippur, Babylonia): 7,780.5 AP

Total: 9,656 AP/// 34 Days (Natural AP regen)// 69 Gold Apple Refills.

I can see going for her 3rd skill first, since that addresses her biggest problem which is her low attack, but I’d actually raise s1 to at least 6 since at that point it becomes a 30% battery which + her refund hits 50% for “looping”, then I’d focus on her S3, then return to S1, and then at the end throw something at her S2.

Her NP is an AoE Buster with pre-cast buffs to her Buster/Quick/Arts for 1 turn, depending on OC, and then a flat 20% refund. It’d be better if the buffs were bigger (say 30% for the one turn) or lasted longer (3 turns would be great for pushing her damage up) but that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t hit for very much, either:

Servant NP Level Damage Notes
Rulertoria 1 20k/25k no S1/with S1
5 34k/41k
Amakusa 1 24k/27k no S2 debuff/with S2
5 35k/41k
Samba Quetz 5 32k
Caren 1 20k/24k/28k no S2 debuff/with S2/with passive 20% from being debuffed
5 33k/40k/46k

So her NP isn’t absolutely terrible, but it varries a good amount from her 1-turn burst (which has to be planned for a turn in advance) and what it’d normally do. It’s close to Amakusa and he has more attack + the benefit of an Interlude for damage. Sadly, it doesn’t have the benefits of removing buffs (like Amakusa), making stars and buffing the party (like Quetz), or inflicting Buff Block (like Caren). It’s just so terribly boring in addition to its weakness.

So far she’s only getting one buff and it isn’t even a very good one. BUT just today we had a new Buster semi-support release in Koyanskaya, so you can now do something like regular Kscope (with the new 20% NP charge to start from that mechanic) for a turn 1 NP, using her S3/2x Koyanskaya S3. NP and refund 20%, use her S1 for 40%, use a targetable battery from Koyanskaya for 50% which is enough to NP again, and again she refunds 20%. Turn 3, use the last Koyanskaya S1 for a battery (takes her to 70%), and you can actually use her S3 again since there was CD reduction. Plugsuit in a variety of charge options for that last 30% like Waver, Bride, Miyu, etc. and NP again (or use Atlas for the CD reduction and use her own skill again, but then you’re missing an attack buff).

That would raise her to 37k for NP damage without any trait bonus from Koyanskaya’s S2 on waves 1 and 2, and 64k on wave 3. Still not as good as class advantage (but it wouldn’t ever be) and that’s without whatever attack buff you’d get from the plugsuited person.

Final word

She isn’t the worst SSR released this year - unlike Maou Nobu, she doesn’t have complicated trait damage to keep track of and a kit that actively injures her when she doesn’t have high HP to start, plus she can make some stars and absorb them to make use of the crit focus. But she’s far, far from the best. She isn’t even the best servant on her banner - I’d say Lancer Melt is better than her like 9 times out of 10 and maybe even Okita is more useful for farming. I can’t in good conscience say to summon her for gameplay.


Sometimes her art is nice, even.


Her NP changes animations based on her ascension, so mess around with that. Tomorrow will be Lancer Melt and then Tuesday will be Okita, so we can look at them all before the banner releases Wed/Thursay.


Hope I can get her, got all the mats for the 10/10/10!

Can’t nobody tell me nuthin’ about her being mediocre! Time to take her on the old town road :fgo_buster:

Wait what do you mean she doesn’t have the horse anymore?


I just want to know why anyone would trust Lancelot and Gawain of all people when they say a bunny suit is the most appropriate attire.

And aren’t they traumatized by the vorpal rabbit


Thankfully, Merlin didn’t take too much of my SQ’s, so I can try for her when she’ll be on rate-up with Okita. :fgo_buster:


The horny told them they’d miss 100% of the shots they didn’t take, they went for the Hail Mary, and it worked.

tenor (3)


They’re definitely shooting something somewhere


Not too excited about her tbh. She’s based on my least favorite Artoria variant with a worse card gimmick than BB and will almost exclusively be hitting neutral.

Been using mages with BB a fair bit lately. I’d use the card shuffle a fraction of the time I’d use BB’s card lock, and usually it would seem to give a worse draw anyway. Excluding a specific servant’s cards next year is intriguing, but not sufficiently for me to want to get her.


“My King, the legends of Sir Hughes Heffneran say bunny suits are the only clothing that befits mighty rulers of glorious casinos. It is written so. Here are some color options to choose from”


She isn’t bad. She is just overshadowed by Summer BB.

That said the two together might be able to create some fun teams centered on cardlocking.

Bunny suit

I’m gonna have a spare 120 SQ and maybe a pack for her. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m going all in to np5 penguin melt which means I’ll inevitably get some a copy of bunnytoria. That np1 damage looks horrifying though, that’s almost 3star level damage.


Koyanskaya will have given us a slightly new perspective on her, but my interest is still minimal.


For some reason i never cared much for her despite liking Lancer Artoria so she’s more of an afterthought for me during that banner, i didn’t even know she had a similar skill to BB.

She’s definitely welcome if she wants to come while i roll for Melt though, being a ruler means she will definitely be useful one way or another.

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To be fair, that’s neutral non-interlude damage.
A lot of SSRs hit for that against a class they’re not meant for. Her problem is that there’s just never a wave of Moon Cancers, let alone 3, so it’s always like that.


I’d be more open to getting her if I didn’t need to wait a whole year for her upgraded S2. Plus, that 40% battery is awkward as heck.

Before then, she’s just an infinitesimally worse BB and after her RUQ she’s still worse, albeit not as bad. But I just know she’ll showing up somehow on my Melt rolls.

Not sure how Koyanskaya will change things up for her, so I’ll wait and see on that front.


Yeah I also think she’s way worse than BB summer as a support and an attacker. bb is super easy to use and bunny… Isn’t


Kinda confused why they just made Summer BB a Ruler and made her worse with Bunny Artoria. Already blew all my SQ going for Np2 mUSAshi (which I failed at I might add) but even then I had no interest in rolling for her and am only going to roll her banner to get Penguin wife. Knowing my luck she’ll come anyways.


She seems pretty interesting functionally, more interested in her than Summer Musashi personally.

She learned the low attack but huge 3 turn attack buff technique for her skill 3 from Babbage it seems, just not as consistent since she has 5 star stats and doesn’t need it as badly.

Skill 1 is kind of an interesting mix of things, makes for a good setup before you NP the next turn.

Skill 2 is the gimmick of the event setting, like how BB’s version was based on how she is just outright manipulating time in that event like Dio.

And then the NP is just her Lancer NP with a small change basically.

I’m seeing a lot of talking about her just being worse Summer BB, but she does have some notable differences.
Summer BB is entirely selfish aside from her third skill, which can be used selfishly or to help the party.
Summer Bunnytoria is fairly selfish as well, but her 2nd skill does give a party-wide buff, and a second one when it gets buffed, so it will always be helpful to the party.

The gimmick when it gets buffed I can see being useful for locking out a high star weight ally like a Rider so that your other servants can charge NP quicker with Arts or Quick crits.
It gives a certain guarantee that Summer BB’s doesn’t give, though at the cost of being 1 turn instead of 3 turns.
Additionally, her evade is 1 turn rather than 1 time, so there are certain benefits to that like if you’re facing more than one NP.

As a side note, what about using both of them together? Clear one character’s cards out of the card hand and then lock them out for 3 turns with BB. I could see that being handy for strategies like Gareth saving her attack boosts until her NP for hyper damage or for having George tank without taking up any of the card slots or star weight from your other servants.