Summer Saber Lancer Bunny Artoria (Ruler Version) General Discussion

Well, that was disappointing seeing her NP damage compared to Samba Quetz. That said, her NP animation is pretty awesome and I really like her sprite animations with the lion so I will throw one multi on her banner and plan to throw more next year for a more serious chance at Melt (and Bunnytoria).

She’s at least very… Stacked…

She’s by no means good and hits super soft, but let’s be honest here… We’re rolling for her for 2 huge reasons. Her ears are very mesmerizing. and i’ll keep my art of her to this… the best pic i’ve seen of her.


I have some questions about that zipper placement


Wish that I could say I was rolling for her because I thought she was amazing. But it really is just a side effect of rolling hard for Melt.

She’s got a really nice design. I love her going all in on this bunny girl thing and her ascensions overall are pretty good. I do wish they’d just gone ahead and given her the 50% starting charge. 40% is just awkward. Even if they did make the attack buff delayed in theory to give you time to generate that extra 10%. It’s a strange setup in general. One of the highest health totals in the game in a ruler is pretty strong. But her kit is all focused on offense. I suppose that helps balance her out. But at this point not sure how much people are aiming for balance.

I do like the buff she’ll gain for her second skill. Although I would have liked it even more to have her select one servant and only draw their cards. But at least a mix of 2 characters gives better chances than just total randomness. At least she’s got plenty of damage buffs built into her kit and NP. If she gets a brave chain off that NP and is critting it should at least be useful XD.

Far as Rulers go…I could see myself using her at times. Jeanne is always the go to for serious fights. But she’s not coming out for just damage. Santa Quetz is useful. But I’m not exactly a fan of the overall design they went with there so if I can throw Artoria in a bunny suit at enemies instead…I can live with that. Even if she’s not hitting as hard.

Again the goal is Melt. But if I draw a copy of Artoria along the way I won’t complain about it. It wouldn’t hurt for them to buff her a bit more. But she’s definitely not among the broken servants that we’ve seen this year (poor Miyu and to a degree Nobu).

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I’m going for her, knowing my luck I’ll probably get the other 2 and miss out on her. :fgo_nitocry: But still gonna try to pull on those 2 huge assets: Bunny ears :fgo_buster:

I admit that her NP is lackluster, it could’ve had more power but as I see it it’s her hits that are hitting hard. I may be wrong but hey I like unique gimmicks so she’s worth it. :feh_navarreculture:

The question is: Will I cry tears of happiness or sadness? :fgo_seibathink:

Man I just realized finding artwork, lewd and non-lewd, of her third ascension is the where’s fucking Waldo of fgo fanart :eyes:


Oh god. Lol. I mean, I guess it’s easier when you’re going to the bathroom?


I will go hard for her she is my main target hope I could get 1 Okita copy and 2 or more Melts in the way.
I have a MLB Kiara CE just for her, that way she can NP whitout extra help and gain some extra damage for the overcharge effect. I hope I could summoned her.


As an Artoria-face simp collector, I am definitely rolling for her. :fgo_sqpat:


Ruler Artoria is a low priority target for me, at least this year. Melt and Okita are on her banner so Ill role for both of them and hope, but I’m fine with waiting a year.

Also I know everyone loves to talk about her Bunnysuit, which is good, but I like her 2nd ascension more.


Second ascension is my favorite, too! I’m rolling on the first day to see what I can get with my non-Spishtar funds

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Nice servant, nice art.
But at the end of the day, I think I prefer plate over cloth.

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Will the event explain why she has the Lion King eyes? Cause for the longest time I thought she was pretending to be the regular lancer Artoria.



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Za class…

I threw all my quartz at Archer Hime.
Bye bye, bunny suit, maybe next year.
Although, probably not, I kinda want Amakusa more.


They have no memory of the Monty Python singularity. :smiley:


They remember thus the reason for her bunny costume.

They know about Casinos, Swordmasters(where is her sword?) and that the bunny is a ruler placed at the top, above the lion, in food chain hierarchy.


Well I kinda like Artoria and I hope she doesn’t meet the same fate…


Aahhh they said it!

They said the name of the franchise!

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