Summer Shows Some Sexy Sea, Sushi and Sand: It’s the Unbound Reflux Roll Thread

Summer has come earlier than expected, and this time, after the gruesome WWE banner, we have new banner coming on next Wednesday featuring 3 new operators for the Heart of Surging Flame event rerun (and yes, there will be no Schwarz banner unfortunately for black panther fan)

First is 4* fast-redeploy specialist Jaye

Second is 5* sniper Andreana

And third is 6* ranged-guard Thorns

Thorns’s theme

Bless to all that is gonna roll on this banner and can be able to get what you desire :feh_reinyes:

NOW LET’S ROLL :fgo_buster:


Me: sees Thorns

Also Me: Arjuna, is that you?

Dude looks like such a f*cking hobo and I love it

If I wasn’t hanging onto my pity break rn I’d definitely roll for him


Yassss!!! My wife thorns will come home even if i have to drag him…

Got 100 rolls ready. :ak_flex:
Although i hope it wont take 100 rolls to get thorns :ak_chen:

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Some Thornsposting before tomorrow


26 pulls (16 single pull tickets + 1 ten-pull ticket) Thorns finally come home. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Right away going for S3M3


Even though I wasn’t interested at all in Provence and not much in Andreana, I still went for a 20x pull figuring I’d at least get some Jayes and maybe even Thorns.

I got Blue Poison, Provence (both dupes), only 1 Jaye and 11 3*. That sucked.


My guarantee :feh_reinyes: at 4th pull

My first 10 roll

Other notable roll

And finally Andreana at 80th roll :rofl:


Singles for guarantee.
Took 10, but

Pot 5 Siege :slight_smile:

Oh and I got a Jaye along the way, happy days!


And of course, my luck is as expected
Not good

I got the wrong summer 6* from the banner .-.
Tbf, it was only 11 summons, but also I’m pretty sure I was at pity already from other recent banners (not WWE, I know), so .-.

Also got an Astesia dupe, redeploy down is such an amazing thing to have


Wasn’t planning on rolling at all, but after liking Thorns in the event story I figured I’d at least roll for the guarantee. On my 5th roll, I got pot4 for my beautiful frog girl. Unexpected but you know, I’m happy with it. One more step towards being 100% maxed :stuck_out_tongue:


4th ten roll

Got provence from the guaranteed

Still only one Jaye from all those pulls makes me kinda salty


54 rolls. Give or take. Only 1 6 star.

Notable rolls. Pot 3 Adreana, 3 Provence, 1 Red.

Atleast I got him. :grin::grin:

I dont care that my RNG wasnt that good. Glad I got him.

My RNG was very good before. So it kinda balanced itself out. :sweat_smile: Back to saving now.


Kept rolling a bunch (as a F2P player, not that much, but still) and finally broke pity on a 6*, that 6* being… Weedy.
So not too bad I guess.