Summer Sylpain! 😤

I’m so happy about his build that I gotta show off a little bit! :smile: I don’t think I’ll be able to +10 him, but I should be able to at least 5 or 6 him! With this he hits like an absolute truck and he has just enough defense to be able to survive most hits (unless it’s some crazy meta shenanigans or +10 heroes). And I know there’s that better Gronn weapon for him, but personally I love auto heal weapons as long as it doesn’t work against the rest of their moveset


that’s 90% of Feh tbh


So, what you’re saying is, it’s for PvE content? :eyes:


Lol yuuup :joy: Thankfully I don’t care too much about AR or even Arena modes, so he’s perfect for what I want to use him for


I found out his weapon has great synergy with Push skills. The healing removes recoil damage and puts him back in the 100% HP threshold if he didn’t take damage from his foe.


What, you’ve never used ranged units to attack melee? They can’t counter unless they have a weapon or skill to do so.

But many units have DC.

Not on PvE

But can he kill this valbar I’m working on?

You got a damaging build but wouldn’t a blade tome let you hit harder?

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I DID say except for shenanigans and that’s SUPER anti-mage :joy: I have no idea if he could take out that Valbar with ease, but I can say that Sylvain is in my Blue Lion team so he’d have my Annette to buff Sylvain and debuff Valbar. Either way, very impressive anti-mage build! :smile:

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I know it’s just funny to see what you can do with units if you invest in them enough