Summer sylvain build review

Hello everyone,

I’m slowly merging sylvain up and using him with summer byleth in tempest trials. I don’t need desperation due to byleth duo skill. What do you think? Also I found a speed boon sylvain, I think speed is better.

That’s because speed is better.

The build is normal, for lack of a better term.

Greens don’t have that many good tomes so there’s not that many options

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I like it
It’s a pretty good Player Phase build
I suggest Rouse Spd/Def instead of his base rouse since speed is everything now

always will be

Thanks! The only tactic buff I’m missing is defense so that’s why I kept his rouse. Dancer has speed tactic seal (yay for seals). It’s handy to have full buffs.

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luckily Ferdinand has Rouse Spd Def and he’s a 3 and 4 star unit so he’s easy to get

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Crushing to fodder the noblest of nobles lol

oof maybe don’t fodder that one

If you happen to get another one you’re free to fodder that one
Though it’s not like Sylvain needs Ferdi’s Rouse, just a suggestion cuz high speed is very prominent now

Yee for sure, I happen to have a couple 4 stars left. Need to farm up some feathers, shame the rouse is 5 star locked.

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Merging into speed ASAP

He also has the raven tome, I wonder his credibility with the tome. I remember using him as a dark knight in fe3h with black magic avo+20 and bow breaker. Would wreck archers lol

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Honestly with his stats he could run a Raven tome pretty good

Although the best tome for him would be Raurfox tome for green units, Gronnfox tome, but they have yet to release smth like that

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Maybe one day, I do like the idea behind his base weapon. Could have worked better if spectrum buff, more than once per phase or even attack/speed buff.

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