Summer Tiki Build

Hey guys, it’s been too long since a A!Tiki alt, and I’ve been thinking about building an axe infantry unit, so with this new Huge Fan+ meta a thought hit me. I theorized this build for Summer Tiki. I have neither merges nor some of the fodder, but that can be fixed. What do you think?

The crux of the set is how well Close Call complements her color scheme. It’s almost like the icon of a watermelon being smashed, really. And I guess damage reduction, whatever.

If you pulled for her, would you do it on the summer banner, or wait for her potential appearance in one of those special banners that feature a bunch of seasonal heroes, like the last one with Soiree Ish and Halo Hector?


I wouldn’t really rely on her appearing on a Double Special Heroes banner. The older units who have appeared on there are usually heavy on fodder and her only worthwhile fodder is Close Def, and even then, most people would prefer to use it as a Seal


Yeah, I wondered about that too. I just wasn’t sure what their logic was when choosing the heroes to feature on the banner, so this helps me decide.

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I love summer tiki, always thought she’d be my favorite axe unit, and in 2 years I’ve gotten 2 copies of her. While the build would be great, excellent even, I doubt you’ll get those merges unless you save 2000 orbs for it.


Oof. That’s tough. We’ll see - it helps that she’s green, at least. Thanks for reassurance about her build.

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If I had the orbs I would pull for her, but right now I need that Lull Atk/Res from the current banner to finish OG Adult Tiki.

Why Kiria won’t come home to lay down her life for the greater good?


Oh man, I really hope you get her!! I’m glad to see another A!Tiki enthusiast. I thankfully got Kiria when she debuted, and my A!Tiki is running that precious B Slot too. May she come home soon!!

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