Summer Wars 2020 - Battle I. - Pale Hottie vs. Dark Beauty

Ladies and Gentlemen!
The day has finally come! Today we start with the first battle of this year’s Summer Tournament!
16 beautiful Servants in swimsuits compete to come out on top. But only one can be the winner:

For our first battle, we have two very strong contenders:

Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)

This very energetic woman joins the tournament for the first time this year. But not only that, she also joins every Master during the next Summer Event, since she’s the Welfare Servant this year.
She’ll burn down every enemy with her dark flames (and random german words) for you.

Nitocris (Assassin)

The Beauty of the Desert, who emphasizes the focus of her Final Ascension artwork with her class name (Ass-Ass-in). Last year she won the first round against Scathach, but lost against the champion Nero. How will she do this year?

  • Jeanne Alter Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker)
  • Nitocris Nitocris (Assassin)

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General Information
  • Polls will last for 3 days and close automatically at 9 a.m. PST / 18 p.m. CET
  • Next Poll will start right after one ends
  • Matchups have been chosen randomly with this site:
  • This is NOT a gameplay poll. Choose your vote based on tastes. If a Servant is better or worse than the other should not factor in and often doesn’t even make sense in these battles, since they are random.
  • Keep it faire and sporting!
  • You can cheer for you favorites as much as you want BUT don’t insult, belittle, humiliate or whatever the other Servants or it’s supporters!
  • Insulting language i.e. “trash” ,“worthless”, “stupid”, “useless”, “shitty” or similar in association with a Servant can and will cause fights. So please avoid talking down others Waifus. Please keep it friendly!
  • There will be some salt, I guess. But keep one thing in mind: Even if your Waifu won’t win here - She’ll always be the winner in your heart. So don’t be a sore loser if that’s what it comes down to.
  • Don’t react to obvious provocations. Ignore them. Don’t engage in a heated discussion.
  • Sharing pictures of your supported Servant is appreciated and expected (because they’ll go right into my FGO folder). But please keep in mind to keep them SFW as always (but I don’t think I needed to tell you that)
  • Don’t slap Pandas
  • I won’t hesitate to flag whoever breaks these rules!

Can’t wait for the alt accounts :fgo_coffee:


I turned off the option to see who voted, because for 1) I definitely won’t look up which accounts are fake and then count by hand. And 2) because it shall not matter.

I just think whoever does so is pathetic. Honestly, these are just little polls on a small forum with no real meaning. If someone really stoops so low as to waste 10 minutes or more to create alt accounts to vote several times for a fictional character on a poll that’s just meant for fun… So be it.

I am simple man :fgo_dshy:

Pathetic or not - every popularity poll ever here is plagued with day 1 accounts. Some ppl have too much free time :fgo_coffee:


Poor Nitocris, she’d get my vote against most but Jalter? No brainer :fgo_nitocry:


How can I possibly choose between 2 of my waifus straight out the beginning? This is torture! I demand a redraw of the brackets. :fgo_badciv:


Seconded :fgo_jaltersmug:

aslong as neither comes up against Nero

This was a very cruel vote.


Why put Nitocris against Jalter? That’s just evil.

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If the next round is some combination of Jalter v Nero v BB, just tell me now


This is super hard. Why is this round gonna be the most difficult.

On one hand, Jeanne Alter is my all time waifu.

On the other hand, Nitocris has dat…charm.

Gonna take me a bit to vote. :fgo_naruhodo:


Begun the Grail War has.


A cute egyptian servant who can light up your day by just smiling vs just a jeanne face, hard choice.


In case you need help deciding


What a tough decision. I love that first stage ascention for Nitocris, buuuut… Summer Jalter makes me think of Black Rock Shooter.

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First round and it’s already harsh :fgo_gaooo:



Aaanyway, that pale white looks depressing compared to this -


Ahahahaha… :fgo_morilaugh: Thanks for reading the rules. I appreciate the fact alone. So even more thanks for bringing that mistake to my attention.
I fixed it now. :fgo_musashi:

Anyways, who says light skin can’t be hot as well


As much as I love you Nito and am happy your regular form decided to grace my Chaldea, I cannot and will not go against one of my most anticipated servant design wise. Still love you tho. If it had been anybody else other than Nero ofc I would have picked you Nito but a burnt summer french toast it is.


Jeanne the supreme
All lean, all mean
Win this match
That is my dream